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  • I'd like to own a Black Singer 301 - looking for advice/information

  • I'd like to own a Black Singer 301 - looking for advice/information

    Old 06-23-2018, 09:02 AM
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    Default I'd like to own a Black Singer 301 - looking for advice/information

    I have a few old machines that I just love and recently started reading about the Singer 301. Does anyone out there have information about these machines that I should maybe know about before purchasing. For some reason, I find the black machine striking and that's the model I'd like to someday own. Thanks!
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    You have good taste! The black 301s fetch the highest prices of the 301s. They can be a bit cheaper without the case. If you want a case, trapezoid case is preferred. Trapezoid cabinet is better! There is also a Singer card table for the 301, I paid $15 for my table, at a Habitat Restore, tables tend to run 10x that.

    Make sure it has the bobbin case, an original one. This is the same as the Featherweight bobbin case. The reproduction b.cases are not nearly as good. If you do get a 301, and you take it to classes, put the bobbin case in your pocket when you leave the machine to visit, eat, etc.
    I have a tan/mocha 301 shortbed. It has a lovely stitch, and is my go-to machine. These machines tend to be thirsty...they like frequent oilings. I have heard "8 hours," mine seems to like every 4-6 sewing hours. If they act up, it is operator error of some type, lack of oil, thread path, needle position. (Ask me how I know).
    The last thing, when you start your seam, it likes to pull up/out the top thread...out of the needle. Hold long thread tails when you start. I learned to start sewing after manually moving the needle down into the fabric, and still holding the tails. But much less tension on the tails is needed.
    Have fun! Haunt Craigslist, fbook Marketplace, local rummage, church, and estate sales.
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    Old 06-23-2018, 12:35 PM
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    Who would have thought that one would have to hang on to the bobbin case at a class!

    Have you had one snitched?
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    I've heard of people getting their bobbin cases stolen. Before the 301's popularity grew, they were stealing them for Featherweights, which uses the same bobbin case. Which brings me to the only downside I see of the 301. The bobbin capacity is rather small.

    One thing to be aware of with the 301 is that the flip-up bed extension to the left of the needle can be either long or short. The short bed can fit into an ordinary Singer cabinet (with the aid of a mounting cradle) and the long bed will only fit into the card table designed for that purpose. So, if you like the bed of your machine level with your work surface, this is a consideration.

    The 301 is a gem. It's a full-size machine, yet light enough to use as a portable. There's a handle built into the top. The black continues the gold-stencil of earlier models while introducing a more streamlined design (I call it 50s Deco). Also take a look at the two-tone light beige, oyster-white (LBOW) model. It's quite snazzy - reminds me of a 1950s saddle shoe.

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    I have one I would sell.
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    WOW! Thank you all so much. Great information. There are items mentioned I would not have thought of. Thank you!!
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    I have my mother's mocha 301a which is also the machine I learned to sew on. It's a great machine. I hope you find a black one
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    There is a lot of information on this website: singer301.com

    Be aware that research using serial numbers is not very fruitful. They issued blocks of numbers and prefixes for blocks of years.

    I have said it here before, but the slant needle on the 301 gives me wonderful visibility. I use a 301 almost as much as I use my Pfaff 130.
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    I love my two 301s, both tan. I'd like a black, but it wouldn't sew any better, so I am content.
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    I have two and love them. I found them at estate sales and both came with beautiful cabinets. They have a special "cradle" in the cabinet which makes it real easy to release them and lift them out to take somewhere as a portable.
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