Looking at a coffin top

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Default Looking at a coffin top

Here are a few pics of a 27 in a coffin top. Serial number looks like 1898. The sides of the irons say Singer but I find it odd that the back does not. My 29-3 irons are the same way, just curious if anyone can shed any light on the missing back logo.

I'm awaiting the seller to give me an asking price. I'm a little nervous that they think it's rare and valuable. Their ad says "$0.00 or best reasonable offer".

The machine head is only fair but the cabinet looks pretty good. I have a gorgeous, near perfect, Red Eye 66 that I'd consider to swap in.

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Beautiful cabinet! I love those sphinx decals. I can offer you no information about the lack of markings where you expect to see them. Do later models ordinarily have "Singer" on the back?
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From my understanding the early irons did not have Singer on the brace. I think there were a couple that did not, but I don't remember the difference. Maybe it was the size of the logo on the side legs.

Is your 29 pre 1916?

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Yes, the 29-3 dates to 1896 or so.

Most of the old treadles I see have Singer cast into the back. Leave it to me to find the ones that don't...

I heard back from the seller. $550! I suspected as much. I thanked them for their time and suggested they'll need a bigger audience than our rural area provides.

And, I offered a nice 201-2 as a trade ... I had to keep a line in the water.

To me, I think a coffin top is an even narrower audience of buyers than a flip top. The flip top can at least be used as a desk or table. The coffin top pretty much breathes up all the oxygen.
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