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Thread: Machine Pricing Adjusted for Inflation?

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    On a lighter note, does anyone know of a site where we can see what our vintage machines sold for in the first place? I think I saw one a while back, but don't know where it was. I'm wanting to know what my 1922 Singer 66 and my 1924 and 28 Singer 99's sold for. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArchaicArcane View Post
    No, I have no pictures. He's got sheds full of the stuff. They could be salvaged with enough time and energy, but he's not discriminant about what he tries to sell or have crushed. It could be a better looking machine he sends in a car, because it came out of the shed first.

    The monster comment (re the OSMG) was a veiled reference to the nightmares? missed I guess.

    Woohoo! Happy senior shearing Oh...that sounds bad.
    Well if you have space maybe suggest that you look after some. Sheds sounds like he has more than one... you definitely need to take a few.

    Yes the reference was too cryptic for li'l ol' me :-)

    The older shears weren't salvageable (who'd have thought they can be over-sharpened?). No Tammi, it just sounded amusing

    Just imagined myself in 30 years as your OSMG and am concerned that it wasn't difficult
    Singers: model 12 MOP (1885) Improved Family 29k58 (1939) 44K11 (1921) 201K2, 201K23 206k11 (1950) 222k (1959) 320k2(1959), 15K90, Bernina 530, Pfaff:360 (1959) http://tailororfailure.blogspot.com

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    He would want me to pay for them and he wants too much for them. He wanted $150 for a 128 in a cabinet that he alligatored by storing in those sheds. My mental photograph has 4 sheds in it. Most are full of machines and vacuums from when he had a shop. His garage has easily another 50 machines in it.

    Yes, knives and scissors can both be ruined by over sharpening. DH has made a couple of my knives perfectly unsharp. We now have an oops proof knife sharpener.

    Hopefully, in 30 years, when a lot of our vintage machines are antiques, and the value of an item, instead of the price of it is important, you won't be able to keep machines in a shed, because you won't have any that you need to store out of sight. They'll all be in loving homes that you found them.

    Janis - I've seen prices from time to time, but I can't recall a single place with all of them or even most of them.

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    Just tell him you have 5 or 6 cars you are taking to the crusher.

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