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Old 09-28-2017, 10:34 AM
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Same mounting point as Singer? I'll check my old beastie and see if one is hiding there.
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Old 09-28-2017, 11:29 AM
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yes, same mounting location
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Default Two Green LLC Machines and Differences.

I was asked to upload images of my two Green "New Home" machines and the rubber drive pulley relocation.
885 shows the New Home, Type J, LLC. Note the stitch plate dual scale.
873 shows the New Home serial number on a pinned plate.
874 is out of focus but you can see the rubber pulley and two drilled holes in the shaft.
875 is a close up of the shaft holes. I don't know what the red stuff is in the one hole.
876 shows the installed new pulley position and the point of contact on new rubber.
877 Is the New Home stitch plate close up.

878 is the Free Westinghouse stitch plate with one upper scale only. It sews backwards anyway.
879 Free Westinghouse LLC under side showing Type J again and no serial number pinned plate.
881 close up of Free West' serial number stamped in the base plate corner.
884 shows the various tensioner parts from 1952-1953 and the un-drilled 1937 tension post mounting screw in row three with a check spring from 1937-ish, estimated.
No more images allowed for uploading.
884 also shows the "double D" copper #14 wire I used and created before I got a real "DD" tension pin washer from 1952-1953.
885 was the Free Westinghouse pulley. It's the same as the N.H. above only rusted more.
871 was all the complete red New Home branded button hole attachment and other incomplete rotary parts I got.

The serial numbers for these two LLCs is in the Janome database as 1952-1953.
I showed both cord plugs but only the NH one is vintage, I believe.
I didn't photograph the foot control motor/light box or cords. One is an Allen Bradley (NH) shown on ebay and the other is a perforated screen covered one (F.West.).

Search Elgin sewing machine parts on Ebay to see a black Elgin estimated 1937 version made in Rockford and with an outlier serial number AAE 43,653. Janome AAE #s start at 43,811. This donor parts machine from Texas is clearly shown as outside the Janome database. It's also outside the ALE range. Only "AE" is a "starting A" lettered model that could contain this serial number but the Elgin is not stamped AE.

HTH Janey,

Attached Thumbnails img_0885.jpg   img_0873.jpg   img_0874.jpg   img_0875.jpg   img_0876.jpg  

img_0877.jpg   img_0878.jpg   img_0879.jpg   img_0881.jpg   img_0884.jpg  

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Default New Home Treadle machine available

I came into one of these treadle machines in good condition and I'd like it to go to someone who appreciates these things (as opposed to someone who will paint it white and turn it into a TV stand). I'm in the Washington DC area. Let me know. It's listed on craigslist for $1 with photos. I can send the link if anyone is interested. - Chris

Originally Posted by craftybear View Post
Lets's chit chat about the old machines!
If you have a "New Home" Vintage Sewing Machines please post your pictures here so we can all enjoy your old machines.

I just looked and the one that I have which was my grandma's is a New Home. I have all of the attachments and manual. It is in a beautiful cabinet, which I have sitting in my living room along with the old spinning wheels and weaving looms.

I am waiting for the picture to download from cell phone to computer. It is taking a few minutes!
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Old 09-15-2018, 09:56 AM
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This is my New Home Treadle before and after.[ATTACH=CONFIG]601083[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]601084[/ATTACH]
Attached Thumbnails a295d328-81ad-4824-9f80-534689d8ce6f.jpeg   9e7206e9-5a64-4139-a11e-e9d16650fc94.jpeg  
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Old 01-07-2019, 12:08 PM
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I can't tell if the picture is attaching. I was given this machine and can find very little about it online. I'd like to clean it up and use it. It runs and the light works but has been stored for an unknown amount of time. I'm hesitant to take the face place off because the tension adjustment is attached. Suggestions? Or any input.
Attached Thumbnails new-home-machine.jpg  

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Old 01-07-2019, 12:31 PM
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What you have is a 15-clone. Most everyone agrees they are very good straight stitch machines.

You can find a manual for it at http://ismacs.net/singer_sewing_mach...ion-manual.pdf There are lots of threads here on QB about 15-clone machines. If you use the search box in the upper right corner on this page, the will be lots of results. Unfortunately, if you click on a link the posts will be blank (a problem they have been having on this board for over a month). You will just need to refresh or reload the page to be able to see the posts.

One thread here is at Will the Real 15 clone please stand up For some reason, I think that if you click the link, you will not have to refresh to see the posts. Fair Warning Message: There are several pages in that thread.

Janey - Neat people never make the exciting discoveries I do.
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Old 01-07-2019, 01:00 PM
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Don't worry about taking off the face plate. It won't mess with the tension adjustment at all. It'll go back on the same as it was.
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Old 01-07-2019, 02:16 PM
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Thank you! I'm buried in that thread link you sent. I think I'm really going to like this machine.
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Old 04-05-2021, 01:42 PM
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Hoping someone can help. I’m looking for the bobbin winder mechanism for New Home series A. Apparently someone dropped this machine. The motor mount is broken, since replaced, as are the mounting holes for the hinges, the bobbin winder and part of the base. This machine is a 1918 electric portable. Any ideas, suggestions or sources are appreciated. Thanks.
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