Pre-war Singers

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Default Pre-war Singers

I've heard that some pre-war singer machines are particularly desirable. This one is in an auction that closes tonight. It is at $60.00 right now. I'm ambivalent about it. It appears to be a gorgeous machine, but I've not seen it in person. They say the machine is in great shape. They also say the cabinet is in great shape, but it appears to be missing the top. According to the serial number, it's from 1934. Any opinions on the machine? Do you think the pre-war status makes it more desirable?

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Another question on pre-war singers - this one is supposed to be a pre-war (1936 according to the serial number), but it doesn't have the chrome hand wheel.

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bkay. Your probably know you are looking at a 15-91. That potted motor can give power with out a chance for loss due to belt issues. It is a very pretty machine. With the millions of them produced I don't see that pre/post war would make much of a difference. The missing table extension would be a bigger issue for me. Just my 2 cents.
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I don't think it's necessarily that these machines are "pre war", it just happens to be that the 30s were when these machines first came out. And being that they're both 15-91s, they're desirable no matter when they were built.

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I agree that I don't think 'pre-war' in and of itself makes those machines any more desirable. As Cari says, they are 15-91's and are just great machines regardless.

The top one in the cabinet does look particularly clean to me. Just depends on how you feel about the cabinet not having a top. I don't think $60 is a bad price for that machine regardless of the cabinet damage. Just depends on how important that is to you.
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the only ones I've heard that command a higher price are the "silver" version. This is the way Singer made them when they first came out, and not a lot were this way. Just happens they were made 1932-1933 era.

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I got outbid. I stopped at $75.00, which was $5.00 too soon. I didn't think the other person would quit. You never know, though.

Not the first and not the last, I'm sure.

Photos were beautiful.

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