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Quest for 15x7 needles in a 319W/K >

Quest for 15x7 needles in a 319W/K

Quest for 15x7 needles in a 319W/K

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Default Quest for 15x7 needles in a 319W/K

I run regular needles in my 319w instead of the singer "short tips".

It's bee a bit of a chore, but they run OK.

Knowing Singer licensed to design from pfaff (130) it seems getting 15x7 needles to run in the 319 shouldn't be that hard.

There's a few work arounds like dremelling the bobbin case, but I'd like something a bit more "off the shelf".

First was the dremel mod. Worked ok, but my hook kept coming out of time (turned out to be a different problem in the hook drive assembly) and hitting the bobbin/needle plate/etc.

Ebay has pre-modded bobbin cases, but upon ordering one, I found it doesn't quite fit right in the hook. It will go in, but it is very tight and hard to remove. I'll look to see if I can polish it up some and make it fit better.

I ordered a few pfaff 130 bobbin cases as well. The biggest difference is the needle/hook area, being a wider sot and not bridged at the back of the case. There;s also the pin retaining method difference, but that's a given.

Then I figured a Pfaff 130 hook might fir the 319, seeing how the 319 came out of the 306, which was the pfaff licensing deal. Ordered up a used 130 hook and the drive shaft it attaches too is bigger on the pfaff compared to the 319. So that won't work, unless I machine a spacer or similar. It also seems like the Pfaff bobbin cases are slightly larger than the 319 case, but I've only got aftermarket repo's here so it might be a production tolerance/QA thing. They almost fit int the 319 hook driver, they're just big enough to drag on the sides and not fit the hook case.

But, the 130 hook is otherwise nearly identical to the 319 hook. Looking more closely you can see that where the needle passes through the hook case is a bit longer and wider on the 130 hook case. The outer shields are nearly identical as well, right down to the attaching screw locations. I have several spare 319 hook cases, so I may enlarge the slot in the 319 hook case to match the 130 case.

Stand by for more as i put my 319 back together. It's apart for a paint job, nothing mechanical. But to be clear, it did sew with 15x7 needles before being taken apart with a modified bobbin case, so it should work fine once reassembled. I'm just looking to make it work better.....

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As far as an "easy-to-try" variation, you could try industrial DBX needles. These have a shorter point than a standard 15x1 needle, but are just a hair longer than a 206x13 needle. They have round shanks so you need to be careful inserting them to ensure they sit properly. They work perfectly fine in my 319.
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