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Default Revere Precision Super De Luxe

Hey there! Just bought a house, and one of the items left behind is an old Revere precision Super De Luxe. I don't know anything about sewing machines or even sewing for that matter lol. I just found this forum while trying to find out some info on the sewing machine. Could anyone enlighten me with some history? Is it worth anything?

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Welcome to the board!

You have a machine that was very likely made in Japan in the late 50s or early 60s, guessing from the styling. The underlying engineering is from a Singer Model 15, although if you look that up this machine won't look like a Singer 15.

It is a nice looking machine, and, assuming nothing major is wrong with it, it can be cleaned and oiled and will sew nicely.

What's it worth? Probably not as much as you'd hope. Here are two links about "what's my machine worth":

This one is informative but won't give you specifics:


this one can sound a little demeaning, but I happen to agree with him:


I just sold a Japanese made Singer 15 clone, that was in very good condition, for $40. The buyer was motivated and turned around and spent another $25 for a better motor than the barely working Singer motor I had on it. It did not have a table, but did have a table top case/base.

If you decide to sell it I would use craigslist or facebook marketplace ( I am not on facebook and do not use marketplace). You will not want to ship it, so you skip ebay and focus locally.

What's it worth, in my opinion? Based on machines I've bought and sold, and what I see languishing on local listings: less than $50, but you could start there or higher or lower.
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One other thought, an alternative to selling the machine is to keep it, clean it up, learn to use it, and become a vintage sewing machine collector! I also use nicer tables as furniture, with or without a machine inside.
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Hahaha, I could tell that was your first post before I looked to confirm it. Is it worth anything? It's worth keeping and using would probably be answer #1, followed by lots of hilarity led by people who have 25, 50 or 100 machines, that started with one machine that wasn't even a lovely blue color like yours.

If you decide to stop the madness before it starts, blue is a very popular color for sewing machines, and the amount you can sell it for depends a lot on your location and whether it works or not.

Congratulations on your new house with its bonus sewing machine. I hope you hang around with us!
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