rusted up tight 301a plz help

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Question rusted up tight 301a plz help

hey guys so i was given a Singer 301a and well it was in very poor shape. I know it may be beyond help but i wanted to try, at least i would get experience out of it. so anyway all the pieces are there and some attahments, the carrying case/suitcase was completely destroyed beyond repair. there is rust in different spots ranging from a little to extreme. the bobbincase is completely rusted into the shuttle race, the hand wheel turns but no other moving parts, everything is siezed or rusted up tight. i have been able to remove the needle bar and the pressor foot bar but the counterweight and the needle thread uptake do not move at all. i tried looking it up i kow it could be something with the bobbin/shuttle position but i dont know how or where to go from here. so ill attach a few pics to show you. any thoughts or advice would be awesome. unless i am to just scrap the whole shuttle race and bobbin and get a new one. but i dont know how one would do that lol the feed dogs are also rusted pretty bad too.

oh also i checked the motor she runs great, i fixed the pedal, but the gear thats attached to motor does make contact and spin with the handwheel gear but like i said nothing else moves and the handwheel and clutch are out of machine now but still nothing. plz help me if you can. i tried the manual and adjustment manual with no luck. sorry about the oily looking machine i was letting it sit so i can maybe get things loosened.
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If my memory serves the large screw that's attached to the counterweight is threaded right handed. In other words, it loosens the opposite way normal screws loosen.

You'll need to get rid of all of the rust in the bobbin area. I had a Singer 15 rusted solid and it was the hook area that stopped everything from moving. A few days with WD-40 and the machine started to move. Lots of rust and gummed up oil throughout. After lots of hours cleaning rust I now have a machine that sews perfectly. I suspect yours will clean up fine too.

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I think a 301 is worth saving. I would obtain an appropriately sized foil roasting pan and put the machine in it, and then pour in my favorite rust remover, e.g. evaporust or something similar, covering the rusted parts, and let it sit, but keeping an eye on it. I would also use a brass bristle brush to remove some of the rust loosened by the chemical solution. Caveat: I don't know what a rust remover will do to the tan finish, but it may not matter too much; if you're concerned put some rust remover soaked in a small rag and leave it against the finish somewhere inconspicuous.
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Iím sorry I have no advice for you; I just wanted to say I got a 301A today (mine in better condition but isnít making stitches) and they look like really cool machines. Like someone said upthread, if you can get it running it would definitely be worth it.

There seem to be a lot of parts for and videos about this model (at least compared to the Kenmore in working on), and the manual is easy to find free online, so that should help.
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hey guys so i made tons of progress to this machine......i got parts finally rotating they were gunked up badly. but i got them spinning. the bobbin case and the shuttle were just awful. they rusted right through the metal sooo that will need to be replaced. so in meantime i was putting parts back into machine. everything was going great until i was putting the main connecting shaft back onto the machine......thats where my problem is. the cap (half circle) piece that screws over by the dear on the top to that shaft, i cant get it on....i know how i took it off so its the right way but the screw for correct play on the gear there, that one keeps getting stuff on that piece so it doesnt rotate. i never played with that screw so idk why it wont go back on. so i had been taking a break the llast few days but i would love to figure it out so i can move on to next machine lol.....trying to get all my machines at least almost working order. ill try and post A pic so you guys know what i mean. thanks

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