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Singer 101 converted to Treadle?

Singer 101 converted to Treadle?

Old 01-17-2018, 09:31 AM
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Default Singer 101 converted to Treadle?

Has any one seen a Singer 101 converted to Treadle? We have a Singer machine in a cabinet and just recently started to clean and figure out what it is. We have had it since around 1982 used it as furniture. First I did look up the serial number and it is a Model 101 made in 1926. It is not a aluminum head, since magnets will stick. First what I would like to know is if anyone does full quilting on a 101, can it be done? I have read the feed dogs don't go down, but there are ways around that. Second what is the best way to clean the head? The decals are in good condition. I think I would like to keep it as a treadle and not convert it back to electric, too much hassle.
Here are some in progress pictures.
The head


The oiling system

The gears motor is long gone.

The cabinet

I have been gently cleaning and oiling the machine on the inside only right now. Everything seems to spin freely.

Would appreciate any and all suggestions.
Thanks this board is a great help.
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Sewing machine oil is a great product for the exterior, as well. Won't harm any decals. Do not use water, and be very cautious with any other products, which can damage the clear coat.
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I don't think I've ever seen a 101 converted to treadle. If I had a 101 though I would try to keep it original. There's not any others like it.

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I don't know if this model converts that smoothly to treadle. The potted motor on these is proably hard to find, but if I ever found the parts I would do go for a rewiring and restoration. It is a bit of a hassle, but it's just sloppy work converting it to a treadle just to avoid doing it properly. This is a model where the motor and light works superbly. I guess if a motor comes along there's a good chance it hangs on to the rest of a 101. Would a leather belt easily fit around the hand wheel, will the bobbin winder work? It might work as a treadle.

The 101 is so rare here, I shall probably never see one, it was only made in the US factory. It always get's my attention when I see it. I have a 201, it has a similar drop in bobbin case and rotary hook, it can quilt with out problems. It not a favorite among quilters like the 15, but last couple of years I have come across people who have exclusively set up a 201 for free motion quilting, another use it only for free motion embroidery (with out hoop). I have managed to free motion and get nice stitching, I'm not very good at it, but it's all about tension and even movements. Originally it came with a feed cover plate.

For the cleaning; the shellac can handle a wipe with a damp cloth, it's a common advice for shellac finish wood furniture. The trick is to wring it well up and not leave any dampness on the surface. If you find a bottle of resin type car polish it will likely shine it up almost like new again. You can't remove surface scratches or wear, but dulless and grime be will improved upon.

I'm just thinking out loud really, the 101 is a model that's caught my attention.
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It was already converted when we found it back in the 80's. I do remember sewing some on it about 15 or 20 years ago just to see if I could use a treadle. A regular belt does slip around the hand wheel nicely and for winding bobbins I can't remember, but I do have other machines that can wind them. I think our other one that I might try using is a Singer 27? ( it was made in 1898 no letters in front of the serial) with a shuttle. I just can't see winding that many spools for quilting. Just starting to renovate our old sewing machines so I can use them.
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Sounds like it's mostly a job of a minor sorting out, and nothing should stop you from trying it out in the treadle. The advantage of a 101 is the turning rods and meshing gears, it makes it run smoother than nearly any other machine out there, the 101 and 201 had similar structure like that. I know it will quilt fine, but if it will be your favorite remains to be seen. Do you have the box of accessories?

There is a blog on quilting with long bobbin models of various brands. I can't look it up at the moment. The 27 is among them I think. A lot of things can be done if you want to and like a machine to begin with. Some have taken a liking to model 27 and 28, and I know they wind a few bobbins at a time and it makes it easier. I don't know how much a fuzz it turns out in the long run, I mostly use class 66 and vintage Elna bobbins at the moment. For comparison; I know some thinks threading a machine manually is a major fuzz, and som cant understand how they coped before auto tie- and cutt-off of the thread. Personally I can't see the major improvement ;- )

It's a shame the original motor is lost though. A replacement might turn up, but you need to up for the job to be worth it. From my point of view, the 101 is one of those superb models you just have to try out when you have the chance.

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