Singer 237, skipped stitches.

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Default Singer 237, skipped stitches.

Nevermind after 12 hours I figured it out

the needle was inserted backwards, as I had mixed up my right and left.

I currently have a singer 237, which I have used on and off for years since it was given to me. I've never had an issue until last night.

I went to sew something, and I keep getting skipped stitches, and uneven stitches and I can't figure out why.

The only thing different since the last time I used it, is I got some of the lint out and oiled the machine according to the manual.

What else can I try?

Things I've tried so far:
Rethreading the machine (several times)
Switching out the thread and bobbin for other ones
Changed the needle
Removed and reinserted the needle
Re-read the manual to make sure I was inserting the needle correctly
Change the pressure the pressure foot exerts on the fabric
I waited overnight to see if that would help.

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Not familiar with that particular machine but is your needle threaded properly - left to right or right to left? I know that makes a difference on FW's - not sure about other machines.
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Waiting overnight is a great option. Dad always said, 'Quit before you break something." Hooray for you.
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