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Default Singer 301

There's a tan 301 with a short bed at an estate sale coming up this weekend (that I would like to look at for purchase for me). I'm on their mailing list and they post photos. The lady made square dance costumes, so there is lots of fabric, the 301, along with a White sewing machine, an Elna and a SM in a case that you can't see.

The 301 doesn't appear to have a case. Is there anything specific that I should look for as far as problems on the 301? I looked on closed ebay and the tan short beds seem to go for $50- $75 without a case or accessories. Does that sound about right?

Is there anything special about the White or Elna that would make them a worthwhile purchase?

These folks will go to 75% off on the last day of a sale. I've even seen them go to $5.00 a box. So, they will sell everything no matter the price on the last day.

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Personally, I'd go after the 301. Does it come with any feet, or other items? It is also a slant shank, taking the slanted feet.
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That is the LBOW (two tone) machine which is considered more desirable than the plain tan. That being said, I have two plain ones that I am very fond of - one is my go to quilting machine and one is for back up. The Elna pictured is the 64C, which is my favorite machine for anything except quilting. The foot pedal and case on that Elna aren't original. Odd.
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The Elna is very nice, a model reaching the same prices as Berninas around here. It has options for all kinds of stitches, stretchy and decorative. It's driven by two belts, so more silent running than the older Supermatics. I think there are some improvements to the race and hook too. The flat beds are few and far between, I usually only come across the freearm version. I would jump for it, even if I would have to search down a suitable pedal and a few accessories.
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301 and Elna! I'd be bringing them home! 301 first. Accessories are easy to get for these. Elna is a super nice machine.
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What everyone else said! 301 and the Elna. Just make sure the bobbin case is in the 301. It's the same as the Featherweight's bobbin case and they sometimes go "missing"!
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Thanks, I appreciate the tip on the bobbin case. I just checked the price on them. They aren't cheap.

I had not really thought about the Elna. What model of Elna is that? I need to research it some before I buy it.

Sewing machines are usually not a hot item at an estate sale. This one has a lot of fabric, so it will draw the quilters. That will make the machines more likely to sell earlier and at a higher price.

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I'd definitely go for the 301 but I'm a cheapie...not sure I'd go more than $25 w/o a case (or with one for that matter which is why I don't currently own one!). Yes, make sure the bobbin case is there - otherwise a major bargaining chip! So is no case and/or table. Then again, a card table might be stashed in there somewhere - who knows. That might make the deal worthwhile.

I'd also be tempted by the Elna but probably not a model I'd be willing to pay much for. I'm a grasshopper-lover gal (don't own any though). The White - no great shakes from what I can see.
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I have a black 301 short bed that came in a cabinet. Seems that the short bed was the cabinet machine and the long bed was the portable look for a cabinet with the correct size opening and metal holder (drat -don't remember the word, but the machine sits down in a metal "base" inside the cabinet opening.)

The 301 is a sweet machine, but it uses the Featherweight size bobbin, which holds much less thread than the standard "15" bobbin most machines seem to use now. Just wind two or three at a time!
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Some times a White can be a really nice machine. They are usually not very expensive. I don't know that model. The 301 is a nice machine but the Elna is a wonderful machine if you do any appliqué or use decorative disks. I love the stretch stitches mine makes. You would need a manual with it. Disks can be pricy. It uses short shank attachments.
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