Singer 301 Frozen

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Default Singer 301 Frozen

any ideas on getting it unfrozen??Already took the bobbin assembly off that wasn't the issue
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loosen up the clutch knob. Will the balance wheel turn then?
Oil everything that should move top, behind the faceplate and under the slide and under the base. Don't force anything but try to rock the balance wheel every now and then. DO you see oil residue? Is it hot outside? lock it in your car for a day, It might melt oil globs.
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Yes clutch works, if I loosen the clutch for the bobbin winder the motor will turn it. as soon as I turn on off the clutch the wheel will not turn...
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Welcome bhey. Do you have a manual? You can download it from It will show many places to oil. If the old oil has varnished, it may need something else to dissolve and then oil again with sewing machine oil or Tri-Flow oil..

You said you took bobbin assembly apart, but I know from experience (mine & others) about threads being able to do a very good hiding job on the 301 and 221. Can you jiggle the hand wheel by hand and see any thing else move? Sometimes just a drop of Tri-Flow in the right place is all it takes.

I've heard tell of thread getting wrapped in the hand wheel as well. Doubt that is the problem with yours as you say the hand wheel spins if the clutch is disengaged.

Good luck - 301s are great machines.

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Like mentioned; take out the bobbin case, unscrew the drip pan, throat plate and go over all parts once again. Sometimes a thread or piece of a broken needle can get stuck in the feed dog - race - hook area. Do the same for the parts behind the face plate just to make sure. Wiggle the hand wheel gently, have a good look at the meshing gears and see if you can detect anything too. A good spot light on the work area is a must.
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Okay I have tried everything suggested...No luck. Guess it needs a professional...Thanks for the suggestions.
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Could the tabbed washer under the stop motion/ clutch knob be installed backwards?
Something is going on, but since it turns, it isn't frozen. Since the motor works, something else is creating the bind.
I don't believe lack of oil is creating the issue...
Please let us know what the diagnosis ends up being.
This is a great model, and sews a lovely stitch. Even a repair bill of $80-$100 is worthwhile, if you can find a repair shop that reasonable.
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I recently revived a Singer portable with basic zigzag. I did a search on for reviving my machine. Several sites came up and I chose one that was over 50 minutes long but it was thorough. I took off all the shell piece by piece and cleaned with Qtips and oiled everything that moved. The last step was to take off the bobbin case and exposed a little black cover. Upon taking it off there were the gears for the bobbin encased in a thick grease mostly black. I cleaned that out with Qtips per instructions. Then he said to fill it up clear up with vaseline. I did this and worked it some. It turned so easy and when I pushed down on the foot pedal it purred like a kitten. It seemed that that the bobbin gear thing was what was so bound up. Hope this helps.
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