Singer 301A and 401A

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I was wondering about these two machinces I have. I am interested in selling them but have no idea how to price. Both work and are in good condition. No scratches you can see right off. Clean. Not in a case, both recently serviced and cleaned.
No manuals, no extras, just the cute machines. WOuld like to hear form anyone who knows about them. I know shipping would be approx. 39.95 to 45.00 std flat rate.

301A Singer -

401A SInger

Close up og Singer 301A(green is a 1/4" sewing guide.
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You should add this to the virtual vintage section below. Then, maybe, Billy or someone can let you know.
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I have the 403 which is very similar to the 401. I don't know why you would part with this machine, but I have seen my machine on ebay for $300....just an FYI in today's dollars (original price ajusted fo2 2010 inflation) the 403 would be around $2800 new.

These are fantastic workhorse machines!
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I just got a 401A and want to play with it more... have you played with it much ? they are awesome machines :lol:
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I just bought a 301 no case, only a couple of feet, several bobbins, included shipping 59.00.
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I have the 301. I bought it last year from E-Bay for around $50. It's a real workhorse!! The only thing I don't like is there's no reverse and you have to unplug it for the light to go off. Good luck.
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I have one that looks like the 401 that I got off the Trading Post show on our local radio station, complete with nice cabinet, cams and extra feet for $50.
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It depends a lot on the area of the country. In the upper Midwest where I live, each machine would be worth about $300. Being in such good cosmetic condition and working condition makes up for not having a case.

Be careful if you package a machine for shipping, though. Many machines are damaged in shipping. Double-boxing is a good idea. There are vintage machine websites that provide detailled instructions about how to package a machine for shipping. Do *not* trust somebody else's packaging for this, and always ensure against damage. (Insurance should really be paid for by the buyer, because the buyer would need to make the claim. As a seller, I would insist on insurance against shipping damage.)

I should add that I stopped collecting vintage machines quite a few years ago, and prices may have dropped since then because of the economy. It's a good idea to look at "completed listings" on eBay to get a handle on current prices. Where I live, though, vintage machines used to sell for more than they sold for on eBay.
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Thank you all for your ideas and comments. SinceI posted this I found a 301A on ebay with two hours left going for 242.50. And one on the 401A going for 203.51 with 10 hours to go. I was sitting here thinking about why I wanted to sell them. Maybe just because I know after I am gone they will get lost in the shuffle and I wanted someone who loved machines like me to have them. Kind of like finding them a good home ahead of time. Long story. Then I thought about the shipping also. Afraid of the damage they would do. They both sew great and are "workhorses" as you say. I will leave this post up for a bit longer and gte more ideas. Thanks all so much.
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Depending on the area the prices of the bare bones versions like you have (no accessories in SUPER mint condition) dont usually go over $65 tops I have seen loaded ones with cabinets and the stools go for around $100 to $150.

Since the economy tanked I have been buying the cream of the crop machines for little to nothing FWs for $25, My 500A was free, and Darcene made off like a bandit buying me 6 machines in wonderful condition for $15!!

Dont even look to Lisa (Quilt Addict) for prices. She has been finding some super nice hard to come by machines for next to nothing including her Parlor Cabinet she picked up for $50 or less last night.

And the all time best deal was the New York Singer complete for $15 and that is probably the rarest machine to hit this forum.

So I would ask what you feel that is reasonable and go from there. Both machine look really nice and they should sell pretty easily especially the 301 (the better Featherweight :D )

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