Singer 328K cam problem

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Default Singer 328K cam problem

I have a nearly new 328K Singer and the straight stitch is perfect but when I go to use the different cams it seems like the needle doesn't pickup the bobbin thread to make the cam stitch. Does anyone have any ideas as to what I might try to get the needle to pickup the bobbin thread while using a cam pattern. It will do one zigzag and then you can see needle marks in the material where the needle has punctured the material but doesn't make a stitch.
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Thank you. I should've known to post the question in that area
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I'm not sure this will help solve the issue, but... Have you tried loosening the top tension a bit for zz stitching? (5 to 4, 4 to 3). Generally, that needs to happen, whether zz ing with cams or built in stitches. It could be with the extra width traveled, the top thread isn't loose enough for the needle penetration with thread to catch the bobbin thread.

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I would start by double checking the threading, even tripple check. Track down a pdf manual on the web if you don't have it. I would then check the needle position, if it's in the correct way. Your model probably allows the needle to go in one way only, but I just mentioned it because "flat side to the left, right or towards the back" is a common mistake to make with many vintage machines. Make sure you thread the needle the correct way, make sure the bobbin area is clean and lint free as well. Bobbin needs to go in the correct way. I have had the needle off position enough to cause problems, nothing was reall yworng, but a lot of lint build up behind the needle clamp where the needle goes in sort of pushed the needle off to the side. The groove needed to be scraped clean with a tooth pick.

It might sound tedious, but even hardly used machine can use a bit of extra effort when it comes to oiling and lubrication; repeated applications, turning knobs, levers and test sewing is the way about it. Poke the swing arm ligthly with your finger to make sure it moves freely and all the way left to right. Do a bit of inspecting every where when you clean and oil; poke moving parts to make sure things move as freely as they should. I'm sure basic maintanance and a bit of trouble shooting will get to the problem.

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I agree with WIChix, the tension should be loosened when ZigZag stitching. A manual can be found at Are you using the "0" cam or a different one? Does it do the same thing if you narrow the width? How does the straight stitch work in the different needle positions? There is a Service manual for the 327 & 328 at I think that with a zigzag machine the hook has to be able to pick up the thread whether the needle is on the left or the right. I think it can be a little off for straight stitch. I heard one time about if the bobbin thread was pulled differently from one side or the other, it was a fairly easy adjustment, but if the other side then it is something major. I guess if it isn't picking up the bobbin thread at all neither of us has to worry about that.

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Make sure the needle is pushed all the way up. When it's not, that can throw off the timing.
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