Singer Treadle Value

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Default Singer Treadle Value

A good friend of mine is moving and giving away her great-grandmother's Singer treadle machine. It is in good condition on the whole, well cared for but not used for sewing. I see that it needs a new belt for sure but it seems to move smoothly. The machine is mine but I promised to pay her something for this little gem. What is a good source for locating an appropriate price? I looked online and found every thing from $89 to $1000 plus.

If my search information is correct it is from 1910.

Thanks for your help, QB Friends.

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Well, the $1000 is ridiculous, obviously. It would depend on which model it is, and how common that model is. Without knowing those things, I'd say if it's in a nice table and in nice shape, give her $100 for it.

I have a Singer 66 treadle from 1918, with lotus decals and in a beautiful parlor cabinet (not just a table) with an elevator lift. Both are in lovely condition. I paid $135 for it at a flea market, because of the cabinet.
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For me, it really depends on 1. the model of the machine, and 2. any missing parts. If it is a shuttle machine and missing the shuttle, even though well cared for, you might spend $25-45 trying to find the correct shuttle for the machine that isn't a knockoff. Some models are rare, I don't know what they are because I see the ones that aren't. I would determine the model and then do more research.

I have also found this article interesting on machine value, especially as I have watched the local craigslist asking prices shoot up through the roof over the last 6 months or so:
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as a Singer parts are pretty accessible, but that age, probably a shuttle? I had a shuttle in my singer handcrank and found it fussy and not fun to thread or insert...that's just me. But that experience taught me I wanted a Singer when I looked for a treadle and got one with a drop in bobbin, late 40's like new. I love it. So, shuttle...if I Had to have it $50.00.
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Thank you for your responses. I will do more searching when I have the machine and cabinet in hand later this week. Knowing the exact model, age and so on are vital for finding any additional information. I have a model number but it is not yielding enough information. Some sites are even saying "No information" while others give huge generalities.
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I'll make assumption that it is something like the 127 or 66 (in a basic table) and it's needing the minimal usual stuff (this doesn't include a shuttle, hopefully that is there). For those i would say anything between $50 - $100 depending on condition of veneers on table.
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The only times I have given more than $100 for a treadle is if they very rare Or in fabulous shape. Or both.
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