what is this called

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Default what is this called

http://www.quiltingboard.com/members...22-550824.html the greenish thingy it's dry rotted and i can't wind the bobbin on it i only have 1 bobbin, need a name so i can find one somewhere and also what kind of bobbin should i be looking for (size or number hope i can find replacements............this machine works great I love it thanks
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Bobbin winder tire - I think this is the one you want. http://shop.sew-classic.com/Bobbin-W...5287-15287.htm

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I don't see what greenish thingy you're talking about. Your serial numbers should help you check on ISMACS.
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That machine is identical to my treadle in every way except the motor. Just find an o ring at a machine shop/supply place ( ask the guys or farmers in your life,lol). If you can take off the old one as a sample ( it'll likely break) that might help.Buy a few sizes to experiment ( not expensive) & you'll find one slips on snug & won't spin in use. There are sites on line for antique Singer parts, but likely more expensive. This would use those steel solid bobbins most treadles use...easy to find at thrift shops etc.

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It takes a class 66 bobbin. It's probably the most common bobbin out there for older machines. You can get it at JoAnns and maybe even walmart.

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Don't buy the bobbins from JoAnns or Walmart unless you're willing to throw at least half of them in the trash. No quality control and these are the cheapest Chinese made cr*p. Buy them from a sewing machine repair shop or from Sew Classic. Personally I like to buy vintage bobbins on Ebay, Etsy or Bonanza.

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JoAnns or Walmart are selling what they believe are original manufacturer parts. The specs are off and they do not work in my Singer 66 treadle. They caused tension problems that were resolved by switching to old bobbins. The made in China class 15 also are a not the best for vintage machines. They are difficult to slip onto the bobbin winder. I found a new in the package made in the USA old stock at a thrift store.
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It looks like a Singer 99! Lucky you!
The bobbin wire tire should be readily available. As posted above, Sew-classic has the bobbin winder tires and light bulbs if you need one... She also has good class 66 bobbins. I some times buy the ones from Walmart just to take apart and repurpose.
I have a 99 I converted to hand crank. It makes the best buttonholes so I use it mainly for buttonholes.

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I agree with Cari, I have bought these at Wal Mart and did throw them away, waist of money, buy from a Sewing Machine Shop
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