What feet are these?

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Default What feet are these?

Hello!!!!! I am new to the board, and I have been a "beginning" sewer for about 2 years now. I had my first daughter last July, and I am now getting serious about knowing my stuff and making things for her, this week project being a sleep sack. I bought my White sewing machine about 2 years ago, and it looks like it's from the 60's pink, metal and heavy lol. It came with about 7 feet, and I only know what one of them do, so here I am asking you all if you'd be able to identify them for me. Thanks so much!!!!!
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#4 looks like it might be an open toe quilting foot
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#6 is a seam guide. It goes to the right of the presser foot. There should be a screw that goes with it and a hole for it to go into. #5 is a hemmer. It may do a double fold or only a single fold under. #4 is your open toe foot. Using this allows you to see your piece better, such as for following a quilt line marking. #1 only allows for straight stitching and may be a quarter-inch foot? You would need to stitch with it and measure to make certain. Either #2 or #3 are for regular seaming and can accommodate zigzag or a decorative stitch. I don't know what the differences in the foot mean.
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#2 and #3 are basically the same foot but they look slightly different, so I'm guessing they're for different machines. They might be quarter-inch feet but you'd have to measure to be sure. #1 foot is for straight stitch only; see how the hole for the needle isn't very wide? Don't do any zigzaging with that foot, you'll break the needle and possibly throw the timing off on the machine. #5 is a rolled hem foot.
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#1 is a straight-stitch foot
#2 is a zig-zag foot
#5 is a hem roll foot
#6 is a stitching guide - it screws on to the bed of the machine
I'm stumped by nos. 3 and 4.
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#4 may be for sewing on buttons
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nycquilter named them all!!! I use the #6 seam guide on the bed of my Juki and love it when piecing to help get a straight 1/4" seam.
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Can we see the underside of #3 please? I want to say it's meant for zigzagging over something and it should have a line cut out on the underside to let through whatever it is zigzagging over. Or wait. Does that cut in front between the "toes" of the foot not go through all the way? Is it just a groove and not a cut?

#4 I have no idea but I think you landed at the best possible board for guessing it. There are not a lot of rounded feet. But there is one type of round foot that gets used by a lot of people here and one of them will be able to say "yes that is our regular foot but there's a missing part" or "no that is not our favorite foot".

I have a machine from the early '70s that is green and ugly, not pink and classy like yours. Let me get the set of feet for that out and check one. I have one that is the same as #1, and need to compare to say EXACTLY what #1 is.
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I believe #6 is a seam guide. There should be a screw that attachs through the slot into one of the small holes to the right of your needle. You slide the guide until it's the proper distance from the needle for the seam you are sewing.

#5 is a rolled hem guide. You can check You Tube for videos showing all the presser feet in action.

#4 may be a foot to attach buttons. It's a bit similar to the two I have.

#2 is similar to the "general purpose foot" that came with my early 70s, also green, Singer Fashion Mate 252.

#1 may be a foot for straight stitch only; it does not seem to have an opening wide enough for a zig-zag stitch.

Do you have the manual that would have come with the machine? It would describe the feet and their purpose.

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Do you have the manual? it usually tells which feet functions for the task at hand.
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