White Dressmaster Restoration

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Default White Dressmaster Restoration


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Not sure if you intended to use the spoiler button. And pictures? They didn't show up if you posted them
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I edited spoiler so that it actually is seen without clicking the spoiler plus icon.

Originally Posted by Sewgardengirl View Post
Ok so here I have a White Dressmaster. We won it at an auction years ago. So I know it's locked up. The wheel turns but we have little movement of the take up lever and needle. And FYI I do know she doesn't use a belt. I noticed her pin there on top is bent (I circled it). Could this be causing it to not move, and if not, what else can cause it?
I can't tell from the pictures at https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZWzfDXCu8jpm6FD87 that the spool pin is bent, but it shouldn't make a difference as far as sewing. It probably just needs some cleaning and oiling, probably along with some patience. It will probably need a friction drive pulley since it has been sitting with it against the balance wheel and will have a dent in it.

You will need to measure the shaft with calipers that the pulley is on. There is a video with a different Dressmaster talking about changing the pulley. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkqSsPg9MwQ I pulled up one at this link https://www.vintagesingerparts.com/p...hite-77-series for a 1/4" shaft that looks much like the one in the video. There is one at this link https://www.vintagesingerparts.com/p...a53758c5&_ss=r that says "Diameter of hole is .25 or 6.3 mm" but also says "these WILL NOT fit a 1/4 shaft. Shaft needs to be a little smaller then 1/4"."
Central Michigan show 6 different pulleys (two of which are for Elnas) at https://www.vintagesingerparts.com/s...riction+pulley

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ETA - I just took a closer look at your pictures and it looks like there is something between the motor and the machine to prevent it from getting a dent? Is the friction pulley making contact with the balance/hand wheel? Also remove the bobbin winder from the hand wheel.

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I bought a white featherweight a few years ago at an estate sale. It was completely locked up. Needle down. No movement of the wheel at all. I brought it home and spent a day oiling it (It was very clean inside. Just dry) After a day of oiling and letting the oil work it's magic, the hand wheel turned and she sewed just fine. It can take patience, but oil can work wonders.
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