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Thread: White Twig Sewing Cabinet

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    Mar 2012

    White Twig Sewing Cabinet

    I just purchased a White twig cabinet (with machine). I need to remove the machine. The cabinet is in very poor condition and everything needs to be cleaned. Can anyone help. The machine is a FR from 1917.

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    Senior Member Bennett's Avatar
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    If it works like the White treadle I have, once the machine is in the upright position, cabinet open, there is a button or small lever on the bed of the machine. This is in front of the pillar, near the serial number, right side if you are facing the machine as if to sew. Use this to release the machine from the cabinet and tip it backwards. When you do this, there are little screws that hold the hinge posts at the back of the machine. Loosen these (but don't totally remove to keep from losing them) and your machine should pull up off the hinges. The hinges will still be attached to the cabinet. I don't have my treadle accessible right now, but this is how I remember it working. Hopefully someone else will pop in and verify or give some better instructions.
    I have a screw driver and YouTube--I can fix it!

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    Mine is upstairs and I have bum knees. I do recall being very frustrated til I happened upon a small button or (on the front of the bed that I either pressed or slid to the right and the machine tilted back. Bennett's description is as I recall it. Tiny straight slot screws on the hinge posts loosen and the machine will slide off the hinge pins, so you don't have to remove the hinges. Don't lose the tiny screws- sometimes called grub screws. Just screw them back in. Bennett- your byline is so true! I think you can even learn surgeries on the web now.

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    Junior Member Cathieinut's Avatar
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    I am so glad to find this post.
    I had purchased a machine like this in a twig cabinet quite a few years ago and sort of forgot that the machine itself was in decent shape...OK so I forget stuff LOL The cabinet has been painted black and will need to be stripped and restored sigh...
    Anyway Hubby was trying to see under the machine and couldn't figure out how to lift the machine off the cabinet since the pin that the wood pivots on is broken.
    We were able to get to the underneath by following the suggestions above. No bobbin case but we still need to get the cabinet out so that we can check the drawers. In case I need to buy anyone have a suggestion to where I can buy the case and bobbin?
    The machine has the # FR2298666
    Cathie in Ut
    Who tends to be like a bird who is distracted by sparkly and shiny things!

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