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Thread: Any glueten free members here??

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    Aug 2011
    Atlanta, GA
    I like Bob's Red Mill gluten free products and also second the comment about Tinkyada pasta. Ancient Harvest quinoa pasta makes good "celiac mac." Recipe is on the box. You can learn a lot from good cook books, my favorites are by Bette Hagman (The Gluten Free Gourmet series) and Carol Fenster. Good luck!

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    Aug 2012
    I am allergic to wheat and I have tried many different gluten free products. The baking mix I like the best is Pamela's
    Baking and Pancake Mix. The pancakes made from this mix are very good. I make quick breads from this mix, waffles,muffins,etc. The baked goods are somewhat heavier than those made with wheat,but,they taste good and the best part is, I don't get sick from the baked goods. In my experience, Amazon.com is the cheapest store to buy from with their subscription option.

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    Mar 2010
    San Marino, CA
    The only thing you have to fear about going GF is fear itself! Once you commit to the idea of it, you will find options all around you. The hardest part of adapting to a GF life is if you feel deprived and why-me. Focus on the positive health benefits, read labels and experiment!

    My son is severely autistic and can eat no grains, carbs or sugars whatsoever, also no dairy or eggs. So I look back on the early days when he was only gluten-free/casein-free as the easy good ol' days!
    It's not the destination, it's the journey.

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    Aug 2010
    Rochester, NY
    I thankfully don't have any food allergies but am a cooking fanatic who is trying to eat more healthily. So, here are a couple of sites that have great information and recipes.

    The woman that writes this first blog lives here in my hometown. I don't know her personally, but a friend of mine does and says she is constantly developing new recipes and sharing the results with her. My friend said everything she has tried has been wonderful! http://realsustenance.com Quoted from the blog "Hundreds of recipes that are Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Corn. Egg, Sugar and Grain Free. There’s a little something for everyone!"


    Hope this is a help! :P

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    Dec 2010
    Central New Jersey
    While I am not on a gluten free diet, I do have to cook for family members that are
    a good think to keep on hand is Rienzi's GF Pasta - they have three different types, Penne. Fuselli and Spaghetti
    they come is a yellow box - this is very good best pasta that I have found that is gluten free.
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    Aug 2010
    On the plains of the Dakota's
    I am trying to start the GF diet...........Seen a new Doctor last week, and has given me a diet called "Phase One Diet" - it is to help me "free up" and start finding what I am possibly allegic to. They gave me a web site to check out and it has some very interesting articles about the food we should eat.


    I was also told to stay away from some dairy products and no Soy foods. I had a feeling I was allergic to milk, so I only it had it on occassional cereal bowl. I checked out a "Almond Breeze" made from almonds, it is wonderful, need to make sure you shake the carton, but I thought it was great. I was the kid that could drink a gallon of fresh dairy milk growing up in a day or so, so I have had a hard time adjusting to that, but I love the "Almond Breeze in Vanilla".

    Thanks for starting this post, I've been meaning to start one, and I've been concentrating on collecting stuff about the diet and using it. Now i need to go through cubbards and throw out stuff, which I am having a hard time, all the money and the great foods I would make from scratch, not liking it, but if I start feeling better and have increased energy and health will be better for it, it will be worth it. Now just to get DH to understand, he needs to do this change too.
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    May 2011
    Reston, VA
    I found that Bette Hagman's cookbooks also have very useful lists of condiments and other things containing gluten. She also has a recipe for "gluten-free flour" that contains rice flour, tapioca starch, and potato flour. I found that good sources for these items as well as rice vermicelli are the asian food stores.

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    Sep 2010
    I am allergic to dairy, wheat products, hypoglycemia, have difficulty digesting beef/ pork. And on top of that have had many stomach ulcers! Knew about milk and I thought I was just "high strung" until if found out about gluten and meat. I am now GF and read all labels for any hint of wheat or by-products of it. Also, I don't eat anything related to milk or lactose or lactase. Blue Diamond almond milk, original because of added sugar to the vanilla, is all I use and have used it cooking and making my smoothies. Udi's gluten free bread works for me, as does Good for Life brown rice bread which soy, wheat and gluten-free. Bahama makes a rice based italian meat balls and hamburgers that are wheat, soy, gluten and meat free. They are made with black beans, etc. No meat.
    I am doing what is called "eating clean". Only veggies, GF as I listed, lean, free-range chicken, and deep water fish. I am very careful about salad dressings and have found I can only eat Thousand Island and am making my own. For a cereal, Kellogg's Corn Flakes, Rice Krispies, and Rice Chex with almond milk are ok as a treat for me. My husband has finally come on board and we have lost weight. Carbs have been eliminated for me except for the few GF ones listed for sandwich. He uses 15 or 12 grain breads. Everything I basically cook is grilled and only use vegan, and milk-free products like Smart Balance. They have several kinds so be sure to read the label for milk. I do use Pam or coconut oil spray for my George Foreman grill.
    When we have guests or family visiting, they eat what I eat (except maybe breads) and what I cook. With much trial and error, I am becoming better at GF and have felt better than ever as I have been allergic all my life and didn't know except for milk and being hypoglycemic since a teenager. GF has changed my life. I hope you will be successful. Perserverance, adaptation, and longing not to be sick anymore will dramatically change your life as well. God bless you as you go on your journey.
    (Sorry to be so verbose)...

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    My daughter has a gluten-free brownie business - www.sweetgirlbrowniecompany.com. She uses rice flour. They've been tested and are certified GF. Everyone who tries them says they're the best brownies they've ever had. It's fun to go to a tasting event and watch people try them. First, there's the "O" shaped mouth, followed by "That's the best brownie I've ever tasted!"

    She used to make several varieties of brownies (non-gluten, spiced, orange), but the GF have been by far the most popular, and I like them best even though I don't have to eat GF. By the way, these are NOT a health food - LOL.

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    Feb 2010
    Central Texas
    I have gone gluten free(and it's not that easy doing it as alot of things have gluten in it, things you wouldn't suspect). I follow a Dr. Osbourne at http://www.glutenfreesociety.org. Awesome site, and it gives you plenty of info on it.

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