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Thread: Anyone have a CT Scan with contrast?

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    Oct 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by ohiobuckeye View Post
    i've had probably had 8-10 ct scans with contrast in the last 5 years due to a cancer diagnosis, surgery, and chemo.....here's the tips i've learned:

    1. Get the contrast the day before. The local hospital here will give it to you so that you don't have to show up 2 hours before your scan and chug it down in their waiting room. (be sure to see if they have a choice of flavors....i once was able to get a berry flavored one and it was 300% better than the orange.)

    2. Put it in the refrigerator. You can then almost convince yourself it is an orange milkshake or smoothie.

    3. Get a straw from mcdonald's. They have the largest diameter straws of any fast food joint. It's easier to suck it down with a straw.

    4. Hold your nose and suck it down with a straw....straight down your throat....don't let it touch your taste buds....trust me on that one....

    5. The contrast didn't really affect me after getting it down....no mad dashes to the potty or feelings of nausea....i have gone shopping and done other things after the scan...

    I'm coming up on my last 6 month scan...in slightly more than 3 weeks, i'm going to be 5 years cancer free and waiting a whole year before another scan...

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    Strongsville, Ohio
    when I had a CT scan with contrast, they started an IV & injected the dye through that

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    Lincoln, Montana
    I have had alot of CT scans with contrast. Years ago they made you drink a bunch of stuff. But I have had several this last year and they just hydrated me and made me drink a couple of glasses that look like water. I feel fine afterwards. They have to prep me with some medicine before because years ago I had a reaction to the dye but hasn't bothered me since. You will be able to enjoy your quilt show.

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    St. Louis suburbs
    I had one last year for my stomach. I was feeling really lousy and the hospital was in a rural area. They were so kind to me. I drank the liquid and then they told me I had to wait like 3-4 hours before the scan. They told me to go home and come back later. I lived one hour away so they took me to a patient's room that is used by the nurses and I was put to bed and covered with warm blankets. They woke me up later for the scan and then I went home. I was already ill, but the liquid I drank did not contribute to my discomfort. I think you will be fine, unless you have other problems which I did. Turned out I went off some medicine cold turkey, will never do that again !! This hospital gave me a drink which was like a milk shake and a big straw. The sensation makes you think you are wetting your pants, but it goes away quickly. As tests go, this is not a bad one. Just had a colonostmy today, that's another story !

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    the stuff you drink for a CT is not the pasty white Barium you are thinking of It usually looks like a cool-aid. My only advice is drink a lot of water after to help flush it out of your system-good luck with your test

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treasureit View Post
    I am scheduled for a CT scan next week and wonder how it was if you had to drink that Barium icky stuff. And what happens after - do you feel poorly the rest of the day?

    The next day I am going to the Road to CA quilt show and I want to feel well for that...I will even reschedule if I won't be up to snuff!

    What is your experience?
    I have had the barium for upper GI and the other stuff for a colonoscopy. Neither one had after effects. Good luck.

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    Dec 2011
    Clymer, Pa.
    I had one just last month, and had to drink the stuff the night before, then before I went to the hospital, I was fine, I went to work after the Cat Scan. and I travel 125 miles a day, and I was fine, and you will be too.

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    ditto on what ohiobuckeye said , i just had one done a couple weeks ago and do make sure that you can pick up the drink they day before it is easier to drink it at home ,i cheated and didnt drink all of mine but did get most of it down i fessed up when i went in the office and the nursr said i was lucky i had enough in me , the scan worked , i also was sitting in the waiting room waiting for my turn and this young girl had been there for a 1/2 hour and was sitting there in front of everyone try to drink her contrast !! i felt so sorry for her , the contrast was out of my system by the next day !!

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    I've had about 6 CT's with contrast after a cancer diagnosis in 2008. Where I get my imaging done all they have is the horrible, milky, vanilla flavored stuff. I have to drink two bottles and it takes all my willpower to get them down. I hold my nose, suck it down and pray that it stays down! Other than the God-awful taste, it doesn't bother me.

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    I had this done in December. My hospital gave it to me cold with a straw. It was white and tasted like pina colada, no problem at all. Also no gastro problems and if the issue is there, I usually get it. you should be just fine.
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