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Thread: have you checked your bank account latley?

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    have you checked your bank account latley?

    I thought I might inform the folks that got emails of their information being hacked by some of the companies they have order from on line.
    Now is a good time to check your bank accounts and be sure that you are not being some ones else's piggy bank.

    This is what I have going on right now.

    Charges listed from the following are not mine and my bank is doing research to find these people:

    Ron Brown Scholar Fund, Charlottesville, VA
    Hearth Inn, Burlington FL NY

    According to the bank, these two are feeler charges, just something small so the person knows the card works. Then they go for the bigger charges. which in my case is:


    From what I can find out this is from a telemarketing company but I can't swear to that. It's just what I see listed on my bank statement.

    Anyway, all these charges have been traced to over seas transactions. It appears that the criminals hack the accounts here in the states and then sell the information to people overseas. Since the laws governing overseas transaction are so bad the banks have a hard time tracking these people down but they will still be able to get you banking records corrected. But you MUST report these charges within I think it's 30 days from the date the charges were done.


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    Always a good idea to check your bank accounts. Look out for sneaky bank charges as well as other criminal activity.

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    I ck'd and found I only had $117.00 left. no one's fault, i'm just broke. I did however get an email from some company about online payments. never heard of them and didn't open it. didn't delete it just yet either. I get telemarketer calls a lot and always go in and file a complaint, I noticed on the Do Not Call list they now have a warning about idiots calling people to help them get onto the list over the phone. Not going to happen.

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    We have been hit a couple times. The last one was after I placed an order online with Walmart. Someone used out debit card at Match.com and then tried to use it at Hotels.com. The Match.com went through because it was a small amount, $35 but the Hotels.com didn't because it was $1500 and didn't fit our spending patterns. Thankfully the credit union caught it and called us. We were reimbursed for the $35 and the 2 $1.00 that did go through on Hotels.com.

    Our Discover card was also hit but it didn't have any credit available since we keep it small. I didn't even know it had happened until we got new cards yesterday.

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    We had a couple of $50 gift card charges on our Visa. Ironic thing is they were the last charges on our old number. The bank had just issued new cards due to a compromise of some kind on a retailer. BofA wouldn't tell us the retailer's name. Sure would like to know so I don't use them again. We have already been credited the fraud amount. Seems to be so common that the bank doesn't even question us. I am in CA, the cards were purchased in OR.

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    I check mine daily since I live in the "Queen of all hacking" states, SC. I think we're on everyone's hit list "just because"...someone has even hacked a lot of our IRS accounts...now that, takes NERVE! My Mom used to say she didn't know what this world was coming to....and I have to agree with her analysis. People are somethin' else these days!
    If you feel like you're special...it's 'cause you are!

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    I got a call almost two months ago. Someone bought something from a Walmart a good distance from us. Over $356. That went through then tried twice to charge something for over $900.00 and that was denied. Someone had gotten our credit card number, we both had our cards. They closed that account and opened another.
    I check our accounts several times a week. Their security is even hard for me to use bank site.
    Last time I used my card was for Craftsy. I have no idea if they are involved. The crooks also applied for credit cards, that bank denied because of errors in some critical information.
    It is easier to steal from others then get a job and earn money to buy what they want.
    Another Phyllis
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    DH and I both have LifeLock and Fraud Alert from the credit score company. I cancelled my Discover. It are too easy for low lifes to get personal info over the phone about your account. I use a local bank debit card and American Express. That's all. DH has different cards he likes to use.
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    Check your credit card accounts often also. I didn't have any charges on mine that didn't belong to me, but someone stole all of my bonus points. The credit card company replaced them and issued me a new card, they are the ones that caught the theft.

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    Last month I found two charges on my credit card statement from "Cashland Express" it also said cash equivalency on it. I called the number listed and got the message invalid number. The charges were made a week apart for small amounts, so i am guessing they were trying it out and the next charge could have been a whopper! The credit card company gave us back the money, which was around $200. It is a pain having to get a new card number, but I am glad we got our money back.
    There may be times we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest. - Elie Wiesel

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