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Thread: How did you make a bed skirt?

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    Apr 2010
    I attach it to flat pieces at the top. Using twist in pins, i attach it to the box springs in several places. No slipping, easy to take off for laundry, etc. also, used box pleats instead of ruffling. More tailored look and easier. Used contrasting fabric in the pleats. Deep hem makes it hang nice like you do with curtains.

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    I use cheap fabric or a flat sheet to go over the box springs. Cut the fabric down the center, hem one side and the ends, then sew the unfinished side to the sheet. I do not ruffle the fabric, but place a 4" boxed pleat in the center for both sides and also the end. Make the sides a little longer to overlap at the corners.

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    the spiral pins (twist pins) work great as long as its not a sleep number bed
    Quote Originally Posted by Deborahlees View Post
    I was commissioned to do one and also made one for my own bed. Took an idea from a catalog I saw this in. You make your ruffle then add about a 4-6" leader on top. to this leader edge you can either add velcro and or use those spiral pins with the clear plastic heads, I think they are called 'Tidy Pins', Grandma used them to keep her dollies on the arms of the chairs. By using this method you have just enough under the mattress, so you don't kill your fingers when you change the sheets and it is super easy to take off and put on.....an easy way way for your gathering would be to divide and divide. Divide your top piece in half and then quarters and then your ruffle material, that way you get the same amount of fullness all the way across. Doing the skirt in third parts is an excellent idea, you just might want to overlap your corners an inch or two, which would be easy to do. I would make the foot piece longer so it wraps around the corner and apply it first, then the sides just to the corner, should look sharp and professional.

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    Dolly, I used an old bottom sheet on the boxed springs. I made my skirt in 3 sections using velcro to attach them to the bottom sheet. Works great as I'm in the process of making a new boxed pleated skirt this time in lieu of a 3-layered gathered skirt.

    Also, I placed my velcro on the top near the edge just enough inside so it doesn't show when you pull the sheets down for the night plus the added weight from the top mattress makes sure the skirt stays put.

    Suz in Iowa

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    Quote Originally Posted by grandmahoney View Post
    I use a fitted sheet and sew the bed skirt to that. First I put the fitted sheet on the box springs and mark it with a pencil where I want to sew the skirt part on. I remove the fitted sheet. Then cut my material I want to use for the skirt and gather it and hem it. Then I sew that on to the line that I marked on the fitted sheet. This makes a nice bed skirt. If you go on the web and put in how to make a bed skirt out of a fitted sheet if will give you a more detailed directions on it. But i have done this for years and this make a bed skirt that does not slip around and it is well worth the work.
    I have made three like this. Having the fabric under the mattress holds it and keeps it in place. When it is time to wash it I push mattress to other side of bed, raise to the side and stand it up. I also pin the ruffle to the box springs so putting the mattress back ontop of the box springs does not move the dust ruffle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ziegamomma View Post
    I have made dust ruffles similar to mermaids idea and attached it with large safety pins. It is easy to detach and repin.
    And you only launder the sections that are soiled...so if you spill something down the side of your bed (?? you only unpin and wash that section. Eeezy peeezy.

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    I use a piece of wide muslin to the size of the mattress and sew the dust ruffle onto it. I have an antique bed and don't want to mess it up. They make velcro "combs" to get the dog hair and the like out, so I wouldn't rule that out as an option. Other than that....measure how far around the bed your ruffle needs to go and multiply by 1.5. That is how long it should be. Hem the bottom and attach the top to the base fabric, and you are good to go!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dollyo View Post
    I'm looking for ideas on making bedskirts. I have several yards of a striped fabric that is the wide sashing in my queen quilt. I want to make a bedskirt that doesn't need that dreaded muslin platform that you have to insert between the mattress and boxspring. I want to attach it w/sticky Velcro or something directly to the box springs. I think. I'm open to any and all suggestions. Concerned that the loopy side will have all kinds of things stuck to it over time; and that it won't stay stuck.
    I have a dog, Bear (shepard/husky cross), that sheds so much that I have dust elephants. She also crawls under the bed. Do you have any idea what a white dust ruffle looks like when she's crawled under the bed a few dozen times.
    I'm planning on serging the top edge and then using my ruffler/pleater to gather the fabric. Haven't used it yet, so will have to figure that out, too. Planning on doing 3 separate pieces.
    Thanks for your suggestions.
    I made one, but used a sheet under the box spring. It annoys me as it slides around. I love the idea of using velcro to attatch the sides.
    My question for you is how does a big dog get under the bed? My guy scoots under the bed, and comes out on the other side. He thinks it's funny to be chased. As for the dog hair...Ughhhh. Would not deal well with it. My guy doesn't shed.I will find toys under, or chewy bones.

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    make me one!! i finally got my old bed skirt off my bed. i have an air mattress bed and it's very heavy. the bed skirt i had was one you place over the box springs and then put mattresses back on top. not going to happen!! so i'm in the market for a new one. with elastic I think.

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    I made a bed skirt by putting on an old fitted sheet on the box spring mattress then I marked a line with a removable water solvable pen where the ruffle should be and then I sewed on the gathered ruffle to that line.It worked so well . Of course you have to remove the top mattress to first do this but there is no slipping and you simply use an old fitted sheet.
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