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Thread: I am having knee replacement surgery. Any advice from others?

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    Oct 2008

    I am having knee replacement surgery. Any advice from others?

    I am having one knee replaced in a few weeks. If any one else has done this, I would appreciate any advice for
    before preparations or what I can expect afterwards. Thanks in advance.

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    Super Member snipforfun's Avatar
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    Jul 2010
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    This may sound strange, but make sure your teeth are healthy. My friend had knee repl. Over a year ago. Many months later an infection in knee showed up. She had to have the replacement removed, spent 3 months in rehab. While there she was taken to the dentist and discovered she had 6 abcesses which may or may not have caused the infection but most likely did. Infection can search around for a vulnerable spot to land. Had all her teeth pulled and got dentures. However there was so much damage they now cannot do another replacement. Earlier this week they put a rod in her leg and she will never again be able to bend it. I cant imagine living like that! A few years ago my husband developed an infection that traveled from his toes up to a large scar from a surgery 5 years before. (nothing to do with his teeth). So, my advice is, see your dentist, have xrays to see if there is anything brewing that could cause you problems on down the line.

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    Feb 2011
    North Dakota
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    we had a friend who ended up in the hospital -they thought he had a stroke. He spent a week in the hospital in Bismarck and then got moved to Minn St Paul hospital. He didn't have a stroke they found out because he didn't come out of it. Instead he had an infection in his heart that led to an abcess in his brain. He has been in Minn for 56 days now. he is walking now with a cane and still uses a wheel chair at times. He might get to come home the end of the month. while he was there they removed 2 bad teeth he had in his mouth. they figure that is where the infection came from to start with. so bad teeth are nothing to fool around with.

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    Senior Member jeank's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    Lapeer, Michigan
    I had both of my knees replaced at the same time in May 2010. I am so glad I did. I never even think of my knees anymore and do anything I want, except kneel. I still do not like the pressure on them.

    I was walking with a cane at 3 weeks, driving myself at 4 weeks. Before surgery, I could not walk. Right leg was bent and bowed out. I used the scooter in Walmart.

    The best advise I can give you is DO EVERYTHING they tell you to do and more. Every exercise!!! If you don't, you will not bounce back and regain flex and extension.

    The only thing they didnt tell me was my skin on the outer side would feel numb after. The nerve gets cut so now it has a funny sensation. I only notice this if my skin is touched like shaving my legs or putting on lotion.

    Some doctors do not like doing both legs at the same time. You have to be in good health otherwise and under 70. I was 68. He told me he would do the right one first in case he had to bail out.
    Jean in MI

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    May 2010
    Salem, NY
    my hubby had both knees done at the same time. 55 years old and a farmer. It was tough and required a longer recovery. He has not regained the nerves/feeling from the knees down to his toes in either leg. He has to be careful in his occupation to not get hurt. We have gone to specialists in nerve damage- it may someday return but it has been 2 years at this time. His toes can be very sensitive to the sheets on a bed, so forget a quilt! After all of this he would do it again, he has no pain, does walk with a limp, but the surgeries did give him quality of life. By the way, he also had a hip replacement- he can't walk in a store without setting off one of the security alarms..........that I HATE. and he works 3am to 6pm or longer everyday without complaining. Do what your doc says, and water therapy was really helpful for him once you are healed enough to be allowed in a pool.

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    Senior Member Joyce Ann's Avatar
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    Feb 2009
    Long Island NY
    I had both knees done about 4 years ago. It was the best thing I have ever done for myself. My quality of life is so much better now. I was using a cane for awhile but the most important thing is rehab. You have to work at it but it is worth it. I went for about 4 months. The most amazing thing is after the surgery they get you right up to walk. Good luck to you. I know you will wonder why did'nt I do this sooner.

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    Nov 2006
    I am a candidate for knee replacements and have said I will not have them done until they find a better way to do them. If you have followed hip replacement improvements the past few years, they are now done with a very small incision and many people go home on day 2 and are back to their normal activities. Surely there are better methods of doing the knees. Find out all you can about the surgeon and what methods he uses...also which devices give the best service to the patient. We need to be our own advocate for any surgery. I needed disk surgery and interviewed 4 doctors before I found one who met my needs. He did 2 surgeries for me (4 years apart) and I had excellent results. Don't settle for a surgeon until you are absolutely certain this Dr. can do the job for you. I think that having both knees done at one time makes a lot of sense. Why go through 2 surgeries.

    Lots of good information is available on the web but "word of mouth" from experienced people is also of great value. You are wise to ask for helpful information from the people on this board.
    Then learn what you need to do to prepare yourself for the surgery. Exercise to increase the strength of the quadricep muscles that support the knees is very important.

    I wish you well in this adventure.
    June in Cincinnati

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    Apr 2011
    Bosque County, Texas
    I don't know what your insurance situation is, but if you can get your surgery done by the doctor who would do it for the professional sports teams in Boston, then you know he has already been selected as the best doctor with the latest technique, best equipment, fastest recovery time, best physical therapy teams, etc. The sports teams HAVE to have the very best because of their investment in their players. Whoever you decided to have do it, ask him what is his theory about pain management. Some doctors say that if your body is fighting pain your body cannot also be healing. That's the theory I like.

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    Super Member crafty pat's Avatar
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    Sep 2010
    Live Oak, Texas
    I had mine done six years ago and it gave me back my life. Do the physiotherapy as they tell you. The more you do the better use of your knee you will have. Good luck my prayers are with you.

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    Senior Member SharonTheriault's Avatar
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    Aug 2010
    Jackson, Georgia
    I've had both knees replaced, at different times. The advice about making sure there is no infection in your body is good advice. Then doing all the physical therapy and exercising is very good advice too. I can bend my knees farther than I was ever able to before. Good luck and God bless.
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