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Thread: Are Mac computers/laptops worth the higher cost?

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    Super Member Treasureit's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
    OC, CA
    Macs are expensive because Apple has a monopoly. My daughter and her husband have both. He uses the Mac for his photography business, but recently wanted to upgrade some Mac program and found out that he will have to upgrade his operating system first...like buy a new Mac...to use the newer program...oh, and I think the Mac he has is only a couple years old.

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    Super Member Sheila_H's Avatar
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    Sep 2009
    Ottawa, Ontario
    My SIL and family all are MAC users and DH wants to get one next year as well, I found that it took a little bit to get used to the layout. My husband says we would need to buy all new software because none of the one's we have would work on the MAC that's what worries me is the cost that would be involved in needing to buy everything over again.

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    Aug 2011
    Louisville, KY
    Depends on your age. Seems like "older folk" whatever that age is, likes Apple products because they are user friendly. But I was used to others using microsoft before my husband went off the deep end for Apple.
    I got used to it too, for as much as I do on it. I'm not so sure it's so user friendly or if I'm just not computer friendly/intellegent. Some things I still can't do (like load pictures on this site!).
    BUT, I will say two things for Apple! It doesn't crash like our sons' machines and it doesn't pick up viruses.
    I have my husband's hand-me-down i-phone and i-pad and we have a desk apple computer on the desk. I don't use mine constantly like he does, but they are nice.

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    Super Member marymm's Avatar
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    Dec 2009
    We have two Macs, love them and NEVER have we had a virus. we've owned Macs for at least 25 years.....The only downside is that my Janome embroidery machine won't let me use a Mac for embroidery patterns bought over the web....aggravating.

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    Super Member jitkaau's Avatar
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    Aug 2010
    I had to switch between both systems when I was working at different locations. Both have pros and cons. Macs are very good for visual stuff such as photography. My preference is for PCs as they are more versatile with programs and do not have to be partitioned. However, they tend to crash more often if you don't keep drivers,bios and RAM up to scratch. So the lady who said 'it depends on use', is correct in my opinion. Work out what your main use will be and make your choice. As before, I prefer PCs.

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    Junior Member KimmerB's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    Rhinelander, WI
    I have both and use them both daily at home and at work. I prefer the HP for data analysis and all most everything I tend to use it more. I agree with jitkaau the Mac is great for pictures and editing. I also have a Nook that gets more use than both of my computers. Even computer illiterate hubby uses that.

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    Super Member Stitchnripper's Avatar
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    Nov 2009
    Mableton, GA
    I will add my 2 cents based on my own experiences. We had always had PCs. Hubby does programming for a living so he always helped me. Then the end of 2009 I needed a new computer and went to the Apple Store and was blown away by the 27" iMac. I bought the "works" program which is compatible with Word, Excel, and Power Point, and it was very cheap. I was able to install it myself - hubby was very impressed with the ease of set up, ease of use, plus when you call the help line you get a person in the US who has always been helpful for us trying to do something or just to reassure us as we do something. I also got Eye TV which hooks into the TV cable and computer and so while I am typing this on one side of the screen I am watching TV on the other side of the screen. That is because this computer is in the kitchen and I wanted to be able to do both. Hubby keeps a big custom built PC for his gaming, but liked my iMac so much he bought himself a MacBook Pro. He has it partitioned to do Windows, but he doesn't do that very often.

    I am able to upload pictures to this site. The problem is not with my computer, but, with the limited size acceptable by the site.

    So, as of today, I don't think I'll choose a PC again over a Mac. For me, worth the extra price.

    PS, They do offer for $99 a year unlimited One to One where you can go to the Apple Store and have a session with a "genius" for them to show you anything you want. The fellows there told me I could schedule an appt. every day for a year if I wanted to. I didn't need to. I realize this is a problem if you don't have an Apple Store nearby.

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    Senior Member 3TreeFrog's Avatar
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    Jul 2010
    Prince Edward Island, CANADA

    I absolutely believe that a Mac is a MUCH better computer as opposed to a Windows computer.

    I bought this laptop only 3 years ago and I have to replace it as it is dying a slow and painful death, while my son's friend purchased a mac (or had one given to him) when he was 14, he is now 24 and that Mac is still going strong.

    There are many programs that are Mac compatible, any reputable program will be. There are no virus', or very few if any. It is much more difficult to get a virus on a Mac. The speed on a Mac is much faster than any other windows computer.

    Perhaps I am biased, however I am getting an iMac (a desktop) to replace this laptop. If I were to get a windows PC with the same features, they would be close in cost.

    Something that I would suggest you do, is go to your local computer sales place (Future Shop, Staples or what ever) and try out the new Windows 8! Don't get me started on Windows 8!

    My husband is going to get a mac as well, and he works with computers!

    I wish to grow into a better person than I am.

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    Super Member kydeb's Avatar
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    Mar 2011
    My next computer will be a Mac! Most computer geeks - ask the ones working on your PC - have Macs at home!! No "windows" issues!! Oh, and in case you didn't know, Mac computers can run windows programs!
    Debbie in Kentucky

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    Senior Member Rylandon3's Avatar
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    Aug 2011
    Polo, IL
    We have a mac...no viruses, but it has its limits or maybe someone can help me out??? I'm not able to install the adobe flash player, therefore, there are many videos that I can not view. It seems that is becoming more of an issue. Many youtube videos even need the flash player. Any ideas out there for me? Thanks

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