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Thread: Price of machines!!!!

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    Senior Member Letty's Avatar
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    Price of machines!!!!

    I had to take my machine for a repair last week, not a great problem I hoped. I bought this friend about seven years ago, a Brother. It cost 500. and it took me a long time to consent to buy. My lovely husband said if you don't go ahead I will go and buy it, so I went ahead, and have loved it ever since,The quilt shop owner showed me the latest model and said that they had a demo model 2000 off ---- it would usually cost 6000. Now is it just me? but who would pay that for a machine, I really couldn't justify that price.I suppose there are those out there who would pay this price, why else would they make them, but no way would anyone I know do so.I just can't wait to get my 'pal' back, I have made so many quilts etc. with it and had so much pleasure from using it.Plus made so many friends through teaching and sharing this craft.I think in that way that my machine is worth twice the cost of the 'latest' machine.

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    My 70 year old (free) Singer is my best friend She sews like a champ.....6,000 dollars or pounds is way out of my range. I'm so happy with Miss Singer.

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    It would be worth it for those that can afford it. Or those that make items to sell. None of my machines have cost that much.
    Another Phyllis
    This life is the only one you get - enjoy it before you lose it.

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    It would be a waste for me buy an expensive machine. My needs are simple, straight stitch, zig zag, an edge finishing stitch and the occasional need to make buttonholes. I am happy with my older machines and serger. My dream machine would be a treadle. It all depends on one's tastes and pocketbook. If you can afford it and it makes you happy that's all that matters.

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    I have one, but only because it "fell in my lap" so to say. I had looked at embroydery machines, but like you, could never justify that price. Then I got a call from someone who knew someone who's mother had passed and she had an embroydery machine they wanted to sell and my name was brought up. Long story short, they gave me everything she had, which was boxes of embroydery thread, extra attachments, software and connections, every kind of stabilizer you could think of. That stuff was worth what I paid, which was about 1/4 the cost new. I am a happy camper. Love the machine, but still would not spend that much money on one. Unless, of course, I were to win the lottery. And that won't happen, cause I don't buy tickets. LOL
    Onalee Rose
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    I don't know, even for me it was hard to wrap my head around the price tag, but I feel it has been worth it and already made some money off of it already, but mostly its to enjoy. I don't have a fancy car, I never get new clothes, haven't bought a new bra in a decade, don't have cable, eat pb and j for lunch, I figure I am entitled to have at least on nice thing in my life. Payments make it affordable, and I never thought i would spend that much but never say never
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    I have had a hard time with machines. I started on the $100 Walmart Singer Machine and it did surprisingly well with FMQ! But I decided I needed something bigger and badder, so I got an older Elna in a cabinet for $40 off Craigslist. It was more machine than I could handle and ended up selling it when I got a machine on a frame off CL. I didn't like that one bit, so I sold it and ... oh I could do this all day! I have tried about 20 different machines, none of them more than $30-40. I finally found "the one" at an estate sale for $50. It's a 30-year old Pfaff. I worry that it will die on me sooner than later, so I've kept up the hunt.

    Here's where the "just bite the bullet" comes in. I got a 9-inch harp machine off Amazon for around $500 but I didn't like it. When I put my thread in it, it said, "No way, nuh uh" and I said, "Fine, back in the box!" and sent it back. I had narrowed down the hunt to a sit-down option only. No more frame quilting for this girl! (I can rent from the fabric store for $8/hour if I want to long arm!) I wanted a Sweet 16, so I started a savings account for it. I found the Sunshine 16 and decided that would work too, and so much cheaper. Then I realized that I do use my feed dogs and walking foot and like being able to sew a straight line... so those machines (and Baileys, etc) off the radar.

    So I started looking at industrial machines. Table? check. Feed dogs? check. I ordered a new one off Ebay and got it about a month ago. It took a long time to put it together, because there were no instructions! But she's great and uses the same feet my Pfaff uses! I can adjust the speed on the motor but she's a little on the loud side!
    I need to spend some more time with her (too busy with Christmas stuff to play with her when I first got her, and now I'm burnt out and it's hand-quilting time!) but I think she's all I will need. It was hard to make up my mind, but I couldn't see spending more than that, even tho quilting is my only vice.
    Good luck!
    You can have any design you want. As long as it's loops!

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    Super Member Sandygirl's Avatar
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    Apr 2011
    I could not imagine paying over $1,000 for a machine but when I first saw that machines had MSRPs up to 12,000$, i was floored. With this said, I could see if someone had been sewing non-stop for decades, it began to make sense to me in that they deserved what ever machine they wanted and could afford ( i did not sew for a period of about 15 years) .

    About 7 years ago I got back into sewing after my long absence from it. I went shopping to replace my 1972 Singer which was giving me fits with tension. I felt like Rip Van Winkle who had just woken up ! Machines had really evolved! Embroidery?? Wow! After weeks of comparing prices, features, test drives, etc. i made the decision to buy my Janome 9700 sew/ embroidery machine for $2,200. Gulp ! Never a regret!!!!

    My husband was shocked at the price but I gently pointed out the cost of his hobbies and he has never said a word since. He is a reasonable man. BTW, he has 2 boats that have sat in the garage for years. At the time, he was alo flying a lot, prior to aviation gas skyrocketing in price. My machine gets a workout on a regular basis.

    Buy the best machine that you can comfortably afford. Save if you can, if you have a stretch goal for particular machine. You won't regret it.
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    Singer Centennial model (inherited from my late, fav aunt!)

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    It is a dilemma for me. I could afford it, but, can't justify it. I am very good to myself, and if it became important to have a spiffy machine (right now liking the Dream Weaver) I would surely get it. I don't feel denied, and my dinky mechanical Brothers seem to meet my needs right now. I do have three vintage singers, an electric in a cabinet, a featherweight and a treadle. Same thing with my serger. Wanted one for a long time, and looked at lots. Did like the very expensive Baby Lock self threader, but, couldn't justify it for my needs. Ended up with Brother 1034D and it is great for my needs. In the $200 range. But, I don't know how I will feel next month or next year. If things change, will post!!!

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    I was like that for a long time. A few yrs ago I started sewing again and decided I needed a better machine than my 25yr old singer, which I gave to my daughter. I found a 450 Kenmore at Sears that was priced wrong and it for 250. It is a great machine. I have always loved the designs that I've seen from Viking so last yr when at my LQS they had the Ruby on sale, used only 7hrs and the price was great. I got it and promised myself that I wouldn't do like I hear alot doing and that was buying but not useing the embroidery part. I have to say that I did good and in the past yr I only did embroidery on it and sewed on my Kenmore. Then a few months ago I had the opportunity to get a new Diamond at a used price and traded my Ruby in for it and got a great deal. It was still alot of money but I really got hooked on embroidery and take classes and love making things. Now I'm on a mission to finish up all projects and to use my machine for more than just embroidery. This past weekend I finished up two quilts and quilted a table runner. I was so happy and this weekend I'll do more plus finish this months embroidery project which is the only new thing I'm allowing myself to do until I'm caught up with projects. I might feel badly about spending so much but I don't smoke or drink or go out so this is my only vice and I'm living up to my promise to myself and I'm using it constantly. I felt guilty when I didn't get to use it for 3 wks after Christmas. Even though I hate making the payments each month, I'm so glad that I got the Ruby and now the Diamond Deluxe.

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