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Thread: What other hobbies do you have??

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    Senior Member mkanderson's Avatar
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    Jan 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by cutebuns
    I think being creative and working with your hands translates well to other mediums, once you can work well with your hands with one thing, it is easier to pick up other things. There is a lot of photographers in the group, might make it easier to find and want to capture the beauty we see.

    The odds are that we would try and do a lot more if we had the time. I need to have two or three of me running around just to do half of what I want to do.
    I hear you there!! :lol: :lol:

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    Power Poster RedGarnet222's Avatar
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    Jan 2009
    Reno, Nv
    Me too but I don't think they have kit for cloning yet>> LOL!

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    Power Poster cutebuns's Avatar
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    Jun 2007
    middle of a farmer field
    So Red, will you let me know when they do have cloning kits? I would like to pre order 2 right off the bat.

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    Apr 2009
    North East USA
    Quote Originally Posted by MadQuilter
    Quote Originally Posted by kwhite
    Am I the only gun totin Mama here?
    I tried to shoot skeet once because DH was part of a shootin' club. WELL, I actually hit a few but I didn't see them blow because my eyes were tightly shut. Probably not a good idea. Then the danged gun kicked me in the shoulder and I quit. ......Even though, quilting is tough on the shoulders too.

    I find it a lot of fun and very relaxing since when you are shooting you have to block everything else from your mind. Plus you can imagine what ever is aggravating you on the target and after you put a few hundred rounds through a target with your bosses face on it you feel much better. LOL

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    May 2009
    Hmmm, well, theres:

    Riding Harley
    Stained Glass
    Rug Making
    Classical Piano
    Sign Language
    Polymer Clay

    Think I'll stop. I'm pooped.

    Oh, and nagging DH! I just LOVE nagging DH. Really, there's just no hobby as fulfilling as nagging DH. Sorry, I almost forgot that one!

    Yes, I use to LOVE skeet shooting. Don't do it anymore because of MS.

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    Camas, Washington
    Quote Originally Posted by Baren*eh*ked_canadian
    Other than quilting...

    -I love to dance, I take ballroom, and I'm doing a triple swing in a show in a month.

    -I paint and draw, mostly watercolor portraits, I find it challenging because it has to be so precise to look like the person it's supposed to look like. Plus, with watercolor you have to be careful not to mess up because you can't just paint over it. No erasing, no covering, it's hard but I love it.

    -I play the guitar. I have 7 guitars, although one is in need of a new bridge, and an other (electric) is in pieces after I took it apart to give it a lovely new paint job ( I used metallic blue, left over from a car I painted at work)

    Let me see if I can pull up a few pics for you guys...

    very nice portraits

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    Mar 2007
    Camas, Washington
    Such a talented group we have here.
    I kind of go through phases on some--back and forth--art stuff, sketch and paint on driftwood, pastel drawings, crochet, polymer clay stuff (right now is beads).
    I love photography, camping, fishing, gardening, reading and playing computer games and I volunteer -right now it's mostly teaching juveniles to quilt.

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