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Thread: Why would anyone do this to their feet??

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    Bright, Ontario, Canada
    This is an interesting thread. I have recently pursued opinions on fixing my feet. The right one has a bunion which is not really too painful but the next toe is a hammertoe and IT HURTS! Even when I'm not walking or standing. Get shooting pains in the middle of the night in bed. Wakes me up.
    The left one - well I had a bunion removed 25 years ago when it also became too painful - also woke me from a sound sleep with pain. Was very happy with the results till about 5 years ago. Now I have a big toe going towards the centre lien of my body with the rest of the toes following it. From the latest xray my foot bones are going \\\\ while the toes are going ////.
    Can't wear closed toes shoes - a real problem in the winter - no open toe boots. With my arthritic knees, just wearing the boots much less walking in them basically cripples me for at least 24 hours.
    Surgery to fix the right foot quotes at $6300 - didn't ask for the left but there is probably 3X the work.
    Haven't worn any kid of heel since I was 18. Its Birks for me all the time. I've even worn them in the winter in the snow. I'd rather have cold feet than sore feet.
    GrannyLady - Having too much fun dressing my grandaughters.

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    It's crazy!! I've been watching a show on the Oxygen channel called "I'm Addicted To Shopping" what an eye opener that show is into how people "think" or don't!!
    When it seems like the world is falling to pieces remember that the pieces are falling into place. We are nearing closer to the End Times.

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    I go bare foot in the house and outside during the summer. In winter I do slippers and socks when I go out. I have Clark's shoes that I bought in Scotland. They are very comfortable and wear well.

    I did do heels but kept breaking the heels off so gave it up. My bosses used to get upset when I would go bare foot or in stocking at the office-BUT I hate shoes!!

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    Jan 2011
    This almost reminds of the very old Chinese custom of binding feet. Those were created for the illusion of small feet by basically folding the feet in half.

    Since I already an existing foot problem from childhood, I never really could wear heels and after watching my mom kick hers off, I had no desire for them.

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    I have always been about comfort. I even had a surgeon tell me my feet were the way feet were suppose to look. Wide with space between the toes high arch and instep. Of course I did go through the squeezing my feet into "proper" shoes because my husband said I had to wear them. I am more the bare foot type until my toes freeze then I put on shoes. lol.. I found a pair of Clarks just by chance and am now on my second pair. They don't look great if I want to dress up a little but I am comfortable . I am ok with that trade off.

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    I found an easier solution--- I stopped wearing high heels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DogHouseMom View Post
    Sadly this is not new ... The Chinese women used to bind their feet to keep them small because tiny feet were considered more attractive. The feet were bound as young children and continued until as adults the feet were so grossly bent and folded that they barely resembled feet ... they looked more like triangular hooves.
    Horrendously, there was more to it than just 'binding' the feet. Girls' feet were deliberately broken by various methods (sometimes more than once) so they could be folded and compressed before being tightly wrapped. Some of these tortured little victims died from the pain and trauma. The standard of aristocratic beauty was to have tiny feet like 'lotus buds' and delicate, tottering tiny steps. Big feet (natural feet) were peasant, coarse and low-status. Adult women in the family were responsible for the binding whether by choice or by pressure from males or in-laws. Got to have that female ready for the marriage market. Now teenaged girls get breast implants.

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    If my feet hurt, I'm grumpy, depressed and unfit for human company...most of the time in the house I go barefoot and when I do have to go out I wear slip on's with flat heels (mostly sandals) and have one pair of tennis shoes for winter. I would never consider removing a toe for fashion. Some women are just toooooo vain.
    Families are like old quilts....although they tend to unravel at times...each can be stitched back together with love.

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    Wore spikes when young to church or on a date. Wore great nursing shoes (back then not sneakers like today or Dansko) with support hose. Took excellent care of my feet and legs for my work. I have a couple of pairs of 2"-3" heels today but find I am wearing them less and less. I go barefoot in the house except in the winter and use crocs in the yard. I will keep my "pinkies" however. I'm pretty much done with fashion and impressing others. I do like to look nice however... but that doesn't include pain to do it.

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    Southern Wisconsin
    its hard to believe someone would go to this extreme for the sake of fashion. Wonder how they'll feel when they are Sr. cits. haven't worn heels of any type since I broke my ankle 10 years ago and I sure don't miss it. We had a young gal in our office who wore the very high heels and pointed toes - saw her feet in sandals one day and all her toes were permanently crunched together. I opt for round roomy toes that I can wear socks with.

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