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Thread: Yet another newer scam

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    My nephew's job requires him to be up on all things computer. Some of these folks are, indeed, from other countries.

    The phone situation: we no longer have a land line. They are just too aggravating with all the unsolicited calls. If someone calls our cell, we look at the number. If we recognize it or it displays the name, we answer it. Anyone else can leave a message. BUT they usually don't!
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    I don't answer my phone. Let it go to machine. Lot of political calls lately also. I see and hear on TV all I need.
    Thanks for the info. will pass it on.

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    This happened to me last week. I declined to let them. I,m thinking "that will be the day Microsoft would be calling
    everyone with a computer, yea right.)

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    Cool sewsecksy

    Quote Originally Posted by QKO View Post
    Lately some people have been victimized by a newer scam, one made possible by the remote access features in Windows 7. Here's how it works --

    Someone calls you on the phone, claiming to be from Microsoft or from Norton or some other respected company. They claim that your computer has reported a virus, and that they can remove it remotely, for free.

    If you agree, they'll start a remote session on your computer, which you'll need to approve by clicking on a button. They'll appear to be removing a virus, meanwhile they'll be planting a key-logger or other malware on your computer that will give them full access to your machine, including all your stored passwords, etc.

    Please, if someone calls you with a virus story, don't agree to let them "fix" it.

    I to have had many of these calls the last 3 months and it has even shut my one laptop completely down. I had gotten so fed up with these guys from an OutSource calling with very bad accents that I had told them I could not undestand them. They told me they would have a tech call me LOL NO. Couple of weeks later they called yet again, they just don't give up I told them NO they said I have a VIRUS in my computer DUH I told them they put it there. I said I didn't want to speak to them because I didn't understand what they were saying yet again. Time went by Again and other call same thing don't understand I got smart and started speaking Dutch to them and he said I don't understand what you are saying Mame sorry and hung up. Here is my Solution can't get rid of them just start speaking some other language if you know one or if you don't make one up. It worked for me, and by the way remove all Microsoft Hardward that is what caused my problem they installed it when I bought my Laptop at BestBuy and now I have a better and faster Computer. Sorry this is so long but I just had to get my point accross.

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    I know someone who got this same virus - took 2 days and $100 to remove it!

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    Some people have nothing better to do or are so lazy they have to prey on the innocent. Disgusting!Thanks for the warning.

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    Here is a program that is well worth the money. I have use it for a year...it is called, Reimage. Google it and find out about it. Anyway I just renewed my subscription for for another year. The program scans your computer, deletes bad and broken files, deletes any viruses it finds and then here is the good part. It replaces all the bad files it deletes with good, brand new files from the microsoft storage.. it will tell you about your computer, how it's running, it will fix the registery etc etc etc...if you have a very bad problem and you can't seem to fix it with reimage, they will make an appointment with you and then do a remote session and fix everything...here is a link to read about it....


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    All I can say is wow what sneaky underhanded @#$%$ ugh, i would be so upset ,and yea how did she call back your cell Dollyquilt ,freaky.thanks for the heads up.

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