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Thread: backwards batting?

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    I have heard of this but I had forgotten. I don't use W&N or W&W. I Mostly use high loft polyester batting. Some does the bearding thing. Some have a finished side, sometimes it is hard to tell.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ghostrider View Post
    Yes, the scrim has everything to do with it. With W&N and W&W, the scrim side should be next to the back of your quilt. It's the flatter, whiter side (even on W&W it's slightly whiter and definitely flatter). 'Bump it up' is what I've always used to remind me which way is up and it DOES make a difference on DSM's, at least for me...possibly because I usually have black backings.

    When quilting with the scrim side down, you are duplicating the way the batting was needlepunched and the batting fibers remain secure in the scrim. With the scrim side up, you are actually 'unpunching' the batting fibers and pushing them through the backing fabric.
    Thanks so much, ghostrider, for responding. I felt a little guilty sticking this in the middle of this thread so I appreciate your response! This is yet another thread to save....I have so many saved that they may just kick me off!

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    As I understand it, the scrim is what they put on the batting so you can quilt every 2" or 4" or 8" and the batting won't wad up but will stay spread out throughout the quilt. I had not known that if you machine quilt from the side where the scrim is, it would poke out of the other side. So it makes sense which side you should have down. thanks for bringing this subject up.

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    I hadn't heard that. I need to look at my batting and see if I can tell the difference.

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    There was an excellent fact sheet on telling up/down sides on cotton/cotton blend batting in the ACQS (American Professional Quilting Systems) newsletter dated Nov. 2010 which I found somewhere on the internet some time ago.
    To make things interesting, they indicate some battings "don't have a right or wrong sides" which explains why some folks never have a problem. They do give this hint : often, a pin inserted into the cotton batting will go into the fabric much easier from the "up" side than the down. I have found this to be a good indication....

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    Hulalulu, that is a neat trick. I will definitely be remembering that one!


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    bumpier side up - smooth side down - got it!

    (Seems counter-intuitive, though)

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