Still laughing about the dent puller - you had us all going!

Was reading through the messages and on the adverts at the end of each page was a panel beater offering to beat the dents out of cars! laughed even more.

On the next page there was a suction ad that sounded like it was for unplugging baths and basins!

Ok its late here and my mind is on a funny track!

At a course I went to, one of the ladies there was a hand therapist and she talked about carpel tunnel and joint problems in quilters hands. With the ruler she said you should use the flat hand to hold the ruler and not just your fingers. Not only will this give you a better press on the ruler but will also help prevent damage to your thumb joint and the inside wrist joint as well.

Never tried the suction things but I have seen a cupboard handle screwed into a ruler (holes were drilled) and the lady swore by it.