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Thread: Do you prefer to sew with a group or alone?

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    Senior Member liont's Avatar
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    May 2012
    Definitely alone. I would feel so self conscious in a group!

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    Senior Member Rubesgirl's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
    Tidewater Virginia
    I enjoy going to my quilting group, but find that I get much more accomplished when I'm home alone. It's fun to chat and see what everyone is working on, or ohh and ahh over completed projects, but I like the quiet and familiarity of my own sewing room. My DH works 4 days a week from 1pm til 11 pm. That is the time I get most of my sewing done. I don't have to justify my time to anyone for anything I do. I put in the years and am now reaping the benefits. :-)
    Wendy in VA

    If I had a dollar for every time I got distracted I wish I had some ice cream.

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    Super Member AZ Jane's Avatar
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    Feb 2012
    Phoenix, AZ
    Exactly!! Life is short, cleaning will always be here, even if you aren't!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Peckish View Post
    Because these things will ALWAYS need to be done, and I need to take care of ME too, not just my family and my home. Cooking and cleaning can be put off a day or two, and my kids have another parent (Dad) who can transport them.

    One of the things we need to remember as wives and mothers is we are human, not superhuman. To better serve our families, we need to nurture ourselves just as we nurture them. If that nurturing takes form in a quilt retreat once a year, then I don't have ANY problem in justifying it. I don't feel guilty; I feel energized and reinvigorated, which helps me to get back to my daily routine with enthusiasm.
    Better to do something imperfectly, than nothing perfectly.
    Done is better than perfect.

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    Super Member Lori S's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
    I get so much more done sewing alone. I my own sewing room. All my resources/tools etc are here, no one asking what I am working on... No packing anything to go anywhere.
    I never quite "got" the sewing retreat for getting things done. Maybe for the social aspect .. but for production ... leave me alone in my room.

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    Aug 2011
    I prefer to quilt alone or with just one other person. I tend to talk too much in group situations, but I enjoy having at least one person to chat with or go to for some help since I am an intermediate quilter.

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    Super Member wolph33's Avatar
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    Jul 2010
    I always sew alone.I justify my sewing time 1-I am an adult 2-me time 3-I make a little money doing it.4-I catch up the house work and sew sew sew.

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    Super Member fayzer's Avatar
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    Sep 2010
    Destin, Fl
    Blog Entries
    I like to do both. I especially like group sew day when I am trying to finish something. It gets mighty quiet at group sometimes when we are all working hard. Most of the time we are putting the finishing touches on a quilt and spray basting the layers. We have lots of room to do that. Starting a new project, reading a pattern and cutting pieces, I would rather do at home.

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    Super Member thimblebug6000's Avatar
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    Jun 2007
    British Columbia
    I do alot of sewing alone and it's fun BUT I do enjoy quilting in the right group. Just home from a 2 day retreat where everyone was so happy & upbeat, I really got refreshed & inspired. My DH and I don't have to "justify" anything, we are so happy for each other to be able to enjoy interests & friends.

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    Super Member Wanabee Quiltin's Avatar
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    Jul 2011
    St. Louis suburbs
    I do love sewing with my quilting bee but I have found that the best thing for me to do is just the chain piecing. That way, I don't make mistakes and I can get through a great deal of work. I have about 10 quilts in progress right now so it is really easy to pick out a quilt to take with me. When I had children at home, I did not quilt. I did my crocheting in the evening while watching TV with them. I was brought up that the housework, cooking etc always came first. I was not brought up to entertain children, they had their own games etc. So I worked during the day and did laundry etc after cooking a huge meal and doing the dishes. Life was very different in those days. We never had McDonalds or whatever. Young women of today are different from what I was taught to be. Go ahead and do some quilting, it is good for your children to see you are doing something you like. And hopefully they might like to sew with you !

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    Senior Member Toni C's Avatar
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    Mar 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by romanojg View Post
    . Like this weekend I set the embroidery machine up in the living room so that I could hear when it needed thread changes or bobbins and cleaned my upstairs and kitchen.
    Buy a cheap baby monitor. I put it near the embroidery machine and the other whatever place I'm doing something else. Then I can hear what's going on. Makes it simple for me

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