I love the entire process...well maybe not all the pressing of just washed fabrics! But...I love piecing tops and am learning how to refine my fmq. I could spend hours at the sewing machine on most days, but there are some where I can sew for a bit then take a break. And some days I need a fast project that I can finish asap and the 10 minute block does it for me. Finishing a project that I've started isn't something I've been very good at, but with quilting, I can and do finished every one. I always have the next 4-5 planned and ready to go. Right now I have a large king almost completed (sewing machine is in for repairs), another king ready to sandwich and quilt, the fabric all washed and ready to go for 3 more. And looking at patterns for the next one! Oh, and I make charity quilts for Riley Children's hospital too.