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Thread: Free motion quilting invention

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    Nov 2011

    Free motion quilting invention

    Hi, I have an invention and do not know what steps to take to get it out there. Quilters are very inventive. Is there anyone out there that could give me some help. I believe this will be a product many will be able to use. I need some direction first.
    Thank you. Leanne

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    Do you want to market it yourself - initially at least?
    Have you applied for a patent?

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    Put that pre-paid legal to work! LOL

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    Obtaining a patent is essential for you to own your invention, and should precede marketing.
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    The problem with inventions is that big companies with deep pockets will steal your idea, if it looks like a money maker, whether or not you have a patent, and it's up to you to police it, discover the theft and sue them, which can be costly for an individual. Generally they'll offer to buy your invention from you, and if you don't agree to sell, they'll bankrupt you with a lifetime of legal wrangling. Sorry to sound so downbeat, but that's just the way it often goes.

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    see if there is a local chapter of the Small Business Association. They have a corps of retired employees who volunteer to help start up businesses.

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    Get a patent and sell it here. Im sure that most quilters venture here anyways

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    Talk to a patent attorney before you do anything, including telling anyone what you have invented. Let him (or her) guide your next steps so you don't lose out on anything. Good luck!
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    First PROTECT your idea!~! Get that patent, and monitor competition closely!! Can't wait to hear what it is, and probably purchase it!!

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    One of the first things to do before you put out money for a patent attorney is to do a research for products that may be similar to yours. You may not see the product out in the market place as readily but it may be in the works somewhere. Best of all you can do the research on your own. We have a R&D center in our area which was free to browse the inventions already "on the books". Your invention would have to be substantially different not to infringe on an existing project. When I worked for a manufacturing company, we had to do this all the time before we marketed a new product. We didn't necessarily have a patent on our projects but we did "register" them...this is using the tiny (R) after the name of the product. This is different from a name trademark (TM) which you would eventually need to do..although some names cannot be trademarked unless they are unique. There is a lot of law that goes in patents, trademarks and registered items. It is very expensive to bring the product to market thru all the hoops to jump thru. But don't be discouraged but do protect yourself by dating any design drawings, taking photos of the invention in progress and as stated, don't let ANYONE see your drawings or prototypes that you can't trust. I believe there is invention information you can research in D.C. also. Another concern is NOT to fall for those firms that say they can get your invention to market.
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