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Thread: Free-Standing Quilt Display at a Craft Show?

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    A photography backdrop stand works great as a quilt stand. They cost more than $20 - but perhaps you have a friend who has one that you could borrow?

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    I have a friend who uses a folding Japanese screen to display her large quilts in her home. She got it at a garage sale for $5. You've got a couple of months, you might check thrift stores, IKEA, Target...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mzmama View Post
    You could build a rack using PVC pipe. Works great for us.
    If you don't want the PVC to show at the top whip stich a sleeve on the back and slide top PVC through it. If you don't mind it showing use skirt hangers at the top of your quilt and hang it. Good luck!

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    Lowe's won't cut the pvc pipe. At least that is what the store employee told me a month ago. Said they weren't allowed to anymore. I was too frustrated to find a manager to find out if that was true or not. Call first.
    Got fabric?

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    Quote Originally Posted by x7lillies View Post
    Is there any structure design in particular you find to be more sturdy? Can you see the PVC when the quilt is hanging?

    I would go to the hardware store and check out the elbows...I would make one that has 2 angled legs on each side and a "rod" to go inbetween. I wouldn't make it any taller than 6'...some craft shows have a 6' tall display limit.

    I use the PVC to make a shelter behind my tent for the sun/rain at outdoor craft shows...I can't take the direct sun. I have a whole set up of the pipes plus elbows.

    It is pretty simple to cut the pipes if you can't get them cut at the store. Just a hacksaw.
    Drape over the rod till off the floor and use a couple of clip clothespins to attach front to back at each side.
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    Kim, just curious- where in the Rochester area is the show? I love going to new shows and vend at a few in the Webster/ Wayne county area.
    I Quilt Therefore I Am


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    Quote Originally Posted by BellaBoo View Post
    Lowe's won't cut the pvc pipe. At least that is what the store employee told me a month ago. Said they weren't allowed to anymore. I was too frustrated to find a manager to find out if that was true or not. Call first.
    There isn't anything easier to cut than PVC pipe. You can either buy a cheap pipe cutting fitter that twirls around the pipe and cuts it, or just cut it with a saw. It's much easier than thin wood. I'm 72 and have no trouble cutting it at all.
    Fittings will fit securely but come undone easily if you do not use glue on them. It's all easy-peasy.

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    Super Member M.I.Late's Avatar
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    MTS has the best idea here - however I would paint it a nice color rather than that stark white. Should totally break down and is light weight enough for you to tote around. Just tie it all together so it's easier to carry. Good luck at the show.

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    The guild you spoke of may even have a portable rack that they use for taking pictures of their large quilts on. I know ours does and it's what I use when I take the quilt to a venue to sell raffle tickets.

    Another thought, years ago I worked in a large office with no walls, we each had these bumper things around us creating small rooms. Maybe you know someone who would be willing to lend you one? Ours were padded to act as sound proofing so that would be good for the quilt to lay on and display it quite well.

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    Junior Member x7lillies's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by MTS View Post
    My vote as well. Inexpensive, portable and collapsible.

    A quick Google search brought this up first:

    Looks easy enough - especially since HD or Lowe's will cut the pipes to size for you.
    I've been meaning to build one so I can take pictures of my quilts - straight on, without people's fingers in the corner, balancing off off balconies or porches.
    This looks like DH could make it! Seems like I should call ahead to the hardware store, though, to see if they'll cut it. Seems a little ridiculous that they wouldn't, unless they sell them in various sizes...
    - Kim


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