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Thread: Help me get the wonk out of this fabric

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    Super Member DogHouseMom's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
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    Help me get the wonk out of this fabric

    I am going to make a fractured quilt. To do it, I need 4 identical fabric motifs, in my case I'm using a panel. Similar to a stack-and-whack or an OBW, the fabric design has to match (ie large blue flower in exactly the same place on all 4 pieces of fabric when laid on top of each other).

    My problem is that the panels are ALL wonky. They're square at the top, but around the middle they all start veering off toward the right. There is no way I could cut strips out of them and match the strips.

    The fabric is pre-washed & dried. I then starched it and ironed it (I ironed lengthwise with the selvage only).

    I tried stretching them on the bias to get them back into shape and an hour later they're wonky again.

    I tried to match sections and put a single stitch in that section and tying it, but I'm getting great big puckers everywhere.

    Any suggestions??
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    Super Member sewbeadit's Avatar
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    Sep 2011
    Boy, I don't have any, it sounds like you are going to be out of luck using that fabric. If it isn't on the straight of grain or if it is not printed properly for the straight of grain, I don't know how you can fix that. Good luck though, I hope someone can help you out.
    W. Washington

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    Super Member EasyPeezy's Avatar
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    Mar 2010
    If you've tried the bias stretch thing and it comes back wonky I'd say ditch it and use a different fabric. It might come back and haunt you specially for what you're planning. You can always find a different project for the panel. JMHO.

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    Power Poster ckcowl's Avatar
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    Northern Michigan
    start in the center---line up the designs---pinning them together so the match perfectly- then smooth the fabric out from them--your outter edges will have to be re-straightened-but your motifs should be lined up- problem with using panals is they are seldom printed exactly alike- and once fabrics have been pre-washed the wonky-ness really becomes apparent- in some cases it is better to forgo the prewashing part---but too late now- the only thing to do is line up the designs---but it may still be impossible-they may not even be the same size anymore- putting them together and pinning them will show you if their size is off too.
    good luck.
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    Don't have an answer for you. Will be watching to see if someone else does. Good luck. BrendaK
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    Super Member raptureready's Avatar
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    Feb 2010
    Have you tried wetting the fabric and pinning it to something to block it? Sort of like you would with knitting or crocheting. Wet it, roll it in a towel to partially dry it then pin it to something sturdy or tape it to your vinyl floor (making sure it's straight) and leave it there until it's TOTALLY dried.
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    Super Member GingerK's Avatar
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    Yes, I'd try what Raptureready suggests. If you have an ironing board cover with a measuring tape cover, it would be even easier. Lay and straighten the first damp one and pin down very well. Then position, straighten, stretch as needed, the second on top of it and pin, and so on. Remember that wet fabric will stretch very easily. Try it with one set of 4 squares and see what happens.

    I had a baby panel that had a terrible WOW in the middle and this technique worked for me.
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    Ontario, Canada
    Do you have a ruler big enough to cut the pieces you need in one cut? If you do, lay your ruler over the motif you want to cut. Put Glad Press & Seal over the whole ruler top. Use a fine sharpie and exactly trace the motif on the glad plastic and this creates a template for cutting exact matching sections. Then cut out your sections one at a time. You will get the exact repeats but you would still have to tape the wonky sections to your cutting mat to get straight lines to sew? I don't know if it will work on your wonky panels but do a dry run with one panel and see before cutting anything. As others have said you may need to change your fabric choice.

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    Moderator sharon b's Avatar
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    I would also suggest when pinning to just push the needle straight down until it is all lined up- don't bring the pinpoint back up through the fabric
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    Good luck. Every panel I've bought is exactly as you describe. Frustrating to say the least!

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