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Thread: How do you feel about entering quilts in to local fairs?

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    Have to agree with all the quilter above stated. Follow your own heart and ignore the uppity ones, they may just be jealous that you re having such a good time.

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    My advice: Sew and enter, sew and enter, sew and enter. Or in your case, quilt and enter. Our local county fair is the best and I always enter everything that I have worked on during the previous year--our fair rules. And I always enter with the idea in mind of winning, and am disappointed when I don't win. We had so many good entries that I was just lost in the maze. Next year, though...... Congratulations, and I am like you, I would have felt real bad if someone had said something like that to me. Keep on keeping on, You go girl.....
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    I agree...these ladies are being snooty...I was going to enter a quilt in our local fair...but didn't get it done in time. You have to start somewhere, right? Fairs are a good test to see if you like the process. Judged quilt shows will probably get you some feedback, even if the quilt is not accepted...they will tell you why it wasn't...Not sure I care for that....so I will start with a local fair, lol....no one needs to tell me where I goofed anyhows...I probably already know!

    Quote Originally Posted by Phannie1 View Post
    A friend of mine and I entered our quilts and quilted wall hanging in to the local Fair. It is a small fair but does have all the trimings of a fair. Livestock, home goods and crafts, 4-H and even a crash derby. Just a small town fair.

    My friend and I both won ribbons for our entries. Now we are not talking big judged quilt show or anything like that but we won and are excited about it ......Till! One of the ladies from a guild we know just thinks that is was beneath us to enter anything in to a fair! She really Poo-Pooed on our parade.

    So, my question is "How do you all feel about entering quilts in a local fair?"
    Marge Campbell
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    Congrat to the both of you.I have never entered any fairs,but do very much enjoy seeing the variety at faires ect.

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    Don't pay any attention to that "lady" in your guild....keep on doing what makes YOU feel good.

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    If you are proud of what you did...enter it! Obviously the poo-poo lady has her nose so far up in the air it isn't worth giving her a second thought. I think fairs are a great opportunity to see what others are doing as well and get ideas. Keep entering!!

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    We have 2 local fairs near my house; a county fair and a harvest fair. The county fair has a LOT more quilts and they display them hung from rafters (kind of far away but at least you can see the whole quilt); the harvest fair (which I just went to today!) only had about 4 quilts and they were displayed all folded up! Boo! They did have some smaller wall-hanging size quilts hung, though.

    I'm sort of new to quilting but I'm determined to put something into both fairs next year. I don't care who judges, I don't care if I win...the point is for me to have a goal and to put myself out there and let people besides my friends and immediate family see what I'm doing. It's about me "doing" rather than me "winning". If I win a ribbon I'll be thrilled but I'm certainly not counting on anything other than entering.

    BUT, I'll get to go to the fair for free if I enter something. So I'll "win" at least $10 both times! LOL

    Congrats on putting yourself out there and winning a ribbon! I think it's awesome and it's good for the community to show that there are local artists under every rock and behind every corner.

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    Are you really going to let someone upset you because "they" thought it was beneath you? You got a ribbon and you should be happy. Maybe she is jealous. Do your own thing and don't let others tell you what to do. It's your quilt and your choice.

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    There's nothing wrong with it...it's participating in your local community. It makes the fair better and inspires others to see lovely work! What if all the good quilters turned their noses up at entering their work in the fair? There would be nothing interesting to look at and the fair would be all the poorer for it. Your stuck up friend wasn't very community-minded!
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    i have entered quilts in our state fair for years i enjoy it and dont take to heart what some of the comments are from the judges , because i dont believe there are "set" rules for making a quilt , i have won a few ribbons and enjoy looking at all the entries , something a lot of people go to the fair just to see the exhibits !!

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