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Thread: How do you feel about entering quilts in to local fairs?

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    I wouldn't let it get you down , there are those who run other folks down just to make there selfs seem big.
    Just shake it off and do what pleases you and your friend.
    May you always have Love to Share , Health to Spare, and Friends that Care!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phannie1 View Post
    A friend of mine and I entered our quilts and quilted wall hanging in to the local Fair. It is a small fair but does have all the trimings of a fair. Livestock, home goods and crafts, 4-H and even a crash derby. Just a small town fair.

    My friend and I both won ribbons for our entries. Now we are not talking big judged quilt show or anything like that but we won and are excited about it ......Till! One of the ladies from a guild we know just thinks that is was beneath us to enter anything in to a fair! She really Poo-Pooed on our parade.

    So, my question is "How do you all feel about entering quilts in a local fair?"

    Well I would just have to be tacky and say poo-poo to her. She must apparently be jealous because she didn't enter and win a ribbon. I say Go for It. I just entered 6 quilts in our local Fall Fair, small town event, that was held this week-end. Our local quilting group enters every year and we have sort of our own quilt show, mostly just the ladies in our group and invita anyone else in town who wants to enter. We have been doing this for years. Many people in town come out just to see the quilts. This year I only rec.'d one ribbon a second place an not on a quilt I expected to place on at all. We had a new judge and we think she isn't a quilter and may not know much about quilting. We almost always have a judge from another county to judge our quilts, in the past most have been quilters and very good quilters too. We have had one judge in the past on several occasions that has judged in many surround towns and came and gave us a short seminar on the ins and outs of entering quilts and what the judges should look for in a quilt entery. She appeared to be very knowledgeable about judging.We had over 30 quilts enteret and only 9 ribbons given out, and the best of show, had a second place ribbon on her quilt. In yhe past we have always had lots of ribbons given out- who knows. I'm not intending to be complaining, you either win or you don't, I'm old enough to know that and not be a cry baby over not winning. But in the past I have won something on just about every quilt I entered., But that's part of the game, win or lose, it's still fun to enter. We also had a table with items, not to be judged biut just for display showing what quilters make besides quilts. I had 3 cross stitch items and won first,second and thord ribbons on them.
    I think it is whether you want to display your work or not! We always look forward to the fair each year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by QuiltingKrazy View Post
    At this point I continue to do not so much for the thrill of winning, but more entries in ALL judging events is dwendling every year. Less people entering canning, cooking, crafts, photography etc..... Even less livestock!
    So if people don't enter their crafts, we will lose a great part of local small town fairs.

    So Please continue to create quilts and enter! There is nothing that says "who" should of shouldn't enter!
    Congrats on your win! Be proud and loud about it! I know I brag on my wins! lol
    I agree completely. Support your local fair! I think it is neat.

    And, my first impression of some really NEAT quilting (before I saw those quilts, I thought it was stupid to cut up fabric and sew it back together again) was at the Alaska state fair in Palmer years and years ago. I was so impressed by the quilts hanging up there. I couldn't imagine doing something like that even though I could sew just fine.

    So, before you listen to those who say "boycott the fair" think of what would happen "if everyone did". No one would have any quilts in the fair and pretty soon our younger sewers might not even see one if they don't have family who makes them. (I don't--though I have a lot of seamstresses in the family.)

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    I do it all the time. The person who put it down is probably just jealous. The prizes are not huge, but if the judges give commentaries, you may well learn how to improve your work.

    There are 2 quilt shows in my county, about a month apart. They are a great way to meet other quilters and simply have fun. Enjoy.

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    I feel sorry for someone with this mentality. They miss out on so much heartwarming fun because they are 'above it all'. In my opinion, it can get pretty lonely up there and the sad part is it is self inflicked all because of pride (which is never a good motive). So, you are on the right track, have fun, get ready for next year's fair!!

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    I have entered quilts at the county fair. Some years I have won ribbons and other years not. This year I got a blue ribbon, "Best of Show" with a rosette and an engraved Silver Bowl along with an additional premium check. In the past I have been involved with fairs from the judging end. I know that even at the very small fairs in our state, the judges do know something about quilting. They usually belong to a local guild and have knowledge of quilting. However, judging a show at the county fair is "one person's opinion". Everyone won't agree with the judge. As for the "quilting snobs" that think you shouldn't enter items at the fair, just move on.

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    I don't enter anything into our local fair because I'm afraid my quilts will come home smelling of livestock and smoke - which while it doesn't bother others, is all I smell when I'm there.

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    I was thinkng the jealous thing too...who would poo pooh on your good intentions! Go tell her to crawl back in her hole that is filled with her own poo! I am proud of what you have done !!! The he... with her snotty a.. ! As you can tell some people tick me off. Sorry!
    Quote Originally Posted by Neesie View Post
    Could she have been jealous? Some people just hate for others to be happy!

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    First of all, congratulations to you both! As for the scoffer...jealousy is a color for a quilt, don't you think? I've never been brave enough to enter my quilts into any shows...maybe someday I will have the confidence and do this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by quiltmom04 View Post
    I don't enter anything into our local fair because I'm afraid my quilts will come home smelling of livestock and smoke - which while it doesn't bother others, is all I smell when I'm there.
    How far away from the livestock exhibits are the textile exhibits? The only time I've seen textiles in the livestock exhibits is when the owners/handlers have something hanging up around their areas.

    Where would the smoke smell come from? I think smoking is banned in most public buildings in Minnesota.

    The main concern I would have for exhibiting anything at any fair is the fear of possible loss or damage of the exhibit.

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