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OMG, that poor man! When my husband was a kid he was running in the house which of course wasn't allowed and his mother grabbed a dress belt of hers that she was repairing and swatted at him, he still has the needle embedded in his arm! They didn't even realize it untill she went back to work on it and couldn't find her needle. The doctor said it would hurt more to dig it out than to leave it in so they left it. So when he makes wise cracks about me sewing I just ask if he wants another needle in his arm. LOL
I stepped on a needle when I was a kid and it broke in the heel of my foot. They got out the piece they could see, but the eye of the needle stayed in my foot for the same reason (would have been more painful to have it removed). A few years ago, I twisted my foot just enough to move that little piece of needle in my foot and it festered. It was removed in an easy procedure. I gotta say, it sure was funny to see that piece of needle in my foot on an x-ray!