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Thread: I was told....

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    Shrinkage is understandable. Doesn't every retailer deal with shrinkage?
    I am certainly not pointing fingers anywhere when I say this, but there have been reports of truckloads of fabric bolts missing from stores. Not saying which ones, and there were reports of 2 different retailers with bolts missing. I also do not know if anyone was ever prosecuted for these instances. But there is one part of the shrinkage problem.

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    I like the guy from the sporting goods dept to cut the fabric. He rolls his eyes when he gets a bolt that has been cut crooked and automatically adjusts it so it is straight again. He is actually quicker than some of the assigned workers to the fabric dept as he also knows how to work the "gun" and get the printout of prices. I'd always like for him to cut my fabric....and he is quite pleasant about it too.
    Lisa L.
    Howdies from Possum Trot (yes it does exist)
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    My Walmart has tons of the ugliest Christmas fabric ever seen.
    The other fabrics are ok but the Christmas is awful.

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    I hate that our Walmarts here in New England don't carry fabric anymore. We have JoAnn's Fabric which stinks for bargains they used to have great bargain fabrics when Walmart had a fabric department but since they walmart changed JoAnns has upped the price on their bargain bins now a bargain is 5 to 9 dollars per yard about only 1 to 2 dollars off the orig price. Unfair to us that sew for charity's!

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    The $2.00 fabric at our local wal-mart, usually goes pretty fast. Too fast for me to get there in time...so it must be good!

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    Yesterday I was in line for 45 minutes while a young man from the paint department cut fabric for a colleague who was on break. One lady had 15 bolts of the $1 and $2 fabric and bought 5-8 yards of each. He did a good job for all of us, though he was slow. When the fabric associate came back, she let him finish with my order while she filed the bolts back in their places. Long wait, but satisfactory service.

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    A few years back, there were 3 or 4 of us customers standing in Walmart at the fabric cutting table. We had someone paged 4 or 5 times but no one ever came. I started thinking I could figure out how to use that scanner - I had noticed they didn't put codes in, just the amount of fabric and then scanned. Soooooo, I opened the door to the cabinet, took out the scanner, cut my fabric, scanned it, and then cut for everyone else. We all walked off with our fabric FINALLY!! I have purchased from them a few time since they got fabric back in. They seem to have someone assigned to the area better or maybe my timing has just been good but I haven't had to cut my own again!
    Debbie in Kentucky

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    I like that our Walmart got fabric department back. But the main lady in that department is very hateful and unfriendly. I refuse to look when she is there.

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    You gave me my first laugh of the day. Makes me miss my hubby more & his silly sense of humor. I can enjoy yours.

    I have 2 WalMarts within driving distance & both are very sm. The one never has anybody within sight to cut & one time I was instructed by a note on the counter to ck. at the dressing rm. half way across the store for help. This last time with nobody in sight I finally picked up their ph. & dialed "0". I told whoever answered that I needed help. Somebody from way across the store finally arrived. Told her I was about to just walk away but I really needed that batting.

    When I asked why they don't at least have a bell I was told "somebody is always taking then". Huh, who the heck wants those bells? I finally told her they may as well close up their fabric dept. if you can't get help. I'm happy you have such a friendly store.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jingle View Post
    One Lady at our Walmart that cuts fabrics, said she didn't know why they don't have someone to cut it. If they don't know how they cut a little extra just in case. At inventory time they come up short.

    The women cutting it cuts exactly, no extra. I'm thinking I need to know when no woman is their and get a guy to cut it. HMMMMMMM.
    LOL, when I first read this, I wondered if this was a new saint or something!? Our Lady of the Lake, Our Lady of the Mountain, Our Lady of the Walmart!
    She looks for wool and flax And works with her hands in delight.

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