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Thread: If you have a quilt laying around you don't want....

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    Senior Member Rose S.'s Avatar
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    Feb 2012

    If you have a quilt laying around you don't want....

    I have been reading the thread Thank you for my gift, would you make me another....and actually think I read every single reply.

    Now this is almost the same thing, but thought I would start a new thread. A family member told me if I had a quilt that I didn't want, she would love to have it...I didn't say much if anything the first time. I was flabbergasted that someone had the nerve to ask for a quilt. Since then it has been mentioned two or three times.

    I so wish I had thought of some of the replies others used....I really liked
    1. What is wrong with just saying 'no.'
    2. I have so many projects already planned but I will put you on the list...but you go to the bottom
    3. Having her go with me to buy the fabric, batting, thread. I honestly doubt she would spend that much money...too used to buying those made in China.

    I just so wish I had thought of these answers...and I don't know why I didn't think to tell her there are all kinds of how to videos and books to read. She doesn't work...has never worked a job as far as a know. There is no reason she can't make one. She can sew and make clothes...she could easily learn how to quilt.
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    Super Member mom-6's Avatar
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    Feb 2010
    I hear ya!
    If you said you might, I'm sure she heard that as a yes I will. So turn that into yes I will show you how to do it yourself. . .

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    Mar 2013
    Your next statement could be, "You know, my to-do list is so long .... Would you like me to come fabric shopping with you and I'll give you some tips on making your own?"

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    Nov 2012
    Hehe, I like the idea of showing her how to do her own. If she can sew clothes she can certainly learn to sew her own quilt.

    What actually got me into quilting more seriously was a friend of mine just inviting me over to make a table runner. She taught me how to do it, and I was hooked! And all she showed me was how to do a DNP. But it is one of my favorite blocks still, and it was so fun to learn. It sounds like she has the time to do it if she wants as well. Who knows, maybe you could teach her her new favorite pass time!

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    Super Member deedum's Avatar
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    Jun 2009
    Sometimes we get roped into projects so easily, been there myself! Yes, I think I would just take her fabric shopping, be sure to get quality batting, thread, pattern too! Then promptly let her know it just takes so much time to cut, sew and sandwich a quilt, then you either need to quilt it yourself which takes lots of practice before you can even start or send it out to a longarmer to be quilted at a price. Binding needs to go on also, and say "I just don't have the time to do it" "I suggest you try to make it or send it to someone who does this for a living"! Would that be mean? Unless of course, you just happened to have one laying around you don't want *a bit of sarcasm*?

    Oh and don't forget to buy a seam ripper, and she will most likely need that also LOL
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    Super Member Sandygirl's Avatar
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    Apr 2011
    She said IF you have a quilt laying around? Uh, no, they have all found homes !

    If you are so inclined, make a table runner for a housewarming gift. IF you want to.

    Otherwise, dont respond. Silence is golden.
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    Super Member HillCountryGal's Avatar
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    Jul 2012
    The beautiful Texas hill country.
    I believe non-quilters do not understand the amount of work that goes into making them.

    Maybe a local quilt shop or community college offers beginner classes... if so, you might pass that info on to her and say, you know, I really don't have time to make quilts for friends. Or have unloved ones to give away... why not have the fun of making your own?!

    When my Mother passed away some long lost kin-folk said, "I'd just love to have one of your Mother's quilts". My Dad told her what the going rate ($$$$) was for handmade quilts. That was the last we heard from her!

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    Super Member hopetoquilt's Avatar
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    New Jersey
    I may be off here but I would not be offended. It is likely that she has seen some of your gorgeous quilts and is completely oblivious to the expense and labor intensity of quilting. I think a direct reply is much more effective and necessary before i was offended. You need to decide if you want to make her one or teach her how to make one or do nothing (all of which is acceptable).

    if you make her one, require that she go with you to purchase all supplies (including thread, rotary blade, machine needles, templates/pattern/book, fabric, etc).

    If you want to teach her, require her to buy the above mentioned items while shopping with you and schedule the times convenient to you.

    if you don't want to do it, explain the cost, the time, and that you have other quilts you want to complete first.

    ANOTHER BRILLIANT OPTION... Bring her a how to make a rag quilt pattern and a charm pack as a gift and tell her since she sews she could do it.

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    Super Member craftiladi's Avatar
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    Yes I have been nagged by some people and if I don't care for that person or think they are worthy of my time & hard work that's required for quilt making then I politely say "you know I am self taught, I bet you could teach yourself if you wanted"
    Dee Lowe
    Las Vegas Nv.

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    Super Member jcrow's Avatar
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    I would take her asking you for a quilt as a HUGE compliment. If I painted and someone asked if I had any paintings they could have, I would be so proud!

    You could offer to take a beginner's class WITH her. I did that with a friend and I learned a couple of new tricks and we had so much fun together! It didn't cost much and I used my stash. She thanked me over and over again for doing that for her. She said she felt too out of her element to take it by herself. I'm so glad I took it with her. Now she's a quilting machine.

    Try to stay positive. It's sad to look at our gift in a negative light. Keep it as a positive gift and remember we are gifted!
    "Be yourself...everyone else is taken."
    Strong people don't put others down...they build them up."
    "Remember that your instincts are more important than rules"

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