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Thread: Items canceled from order?

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    Items canceled from order?

    Did you ever place an order for fabric online, and have some items canceled from your order, with no reason given?

    The reason I ask is that we received a call on Friday from someone who *thought* she'd ordered from us, and was upset that she had not received one of the fabrics she'd ordered.

    Turns out she'd ordered from a big online store (whose name I won't mention).

    Have you ever ordered fabrics online, and then had any items canceled on you? Did you receive an explanation?

    Just wondering...

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    Yep, made me mad as I saw the same fabric from the same place listed through Amazon. Wonder if it was the same one. I won't order from there again, at least for awhile till I get over my mad spell, lol.

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    Nov 2011

    Actually, I have ordered from Joann's and if they are out of stock, instead of sending when they get it in again, they cancel and you have to order at a later date. I do have to say though, Joann's does e-mail you lo advise you when they do this.

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    When that has happened, both times the companies tried to reach through email to see if the smaller yardage they had was acceptable. One company was an online giant and the other was batik store. I appreciated the effort to communicate as well as the effort to accommodate me.

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    That happened to me once. I had ordered two different collections of fabrics, to make 2 quilts for my nieces quilts. They mailed me the fabric without several of the fabrics to each collection. It was impossible for me to make the desired quilts. I was very upset, and called to find out what happened. They were very nice, explaining that they had sold out of the missing fabrics. They would send a UPS box to my house and I could send the fabric back for a full refund. That was great, but I would have liked to have known from the beginning so I would not have wasted my time designing a pattern for that fabric.

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    Yes I have had that happen but was notified by email. One store tells you the yards available.

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    I've had parts of an order cancelled, but only for 'sale' fabrics that were out of stock by the time they 'picked' my order. These were fabrics that they were not going to restock and they let me know via email that those items had been cancelled and why. They also email me if an item has gone on backorder and give an estimated date of arrival.

    Backordered items from this particular supplier do not have to be reordered (I am given the option to cancel if I prefer however) and they will send them when they arrive. My CC is not charged until that time and I do not pay extra shipping. I'm very happy with the way they do business.
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    Yes but I was contacted letting me know and my card was refunded before they send it. They explained they wanted to know if I wanted something else in it's place or a refund. Very nice about it.

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    I have had some dropped, but they called me first and told me about it and why, that was Fabricdepotonline.
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    No, I haven't had that experience. I HAVE ordered from Fabric Depot and they did not have the yardage I wanted, but they held my order and called to find out if a smaller amount would suffice. I appreciated this. I won't get mad if the business calls to work it out, but I WILL get mad if they don't attempt to communicate and short-ship the products I ordered. There are some places that allow you to enter your instructions for how to handle this situation, should it arise, when you complete your online order.

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