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Thread: Need a good laugh? I know I do.

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    Nov 2007
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    Quote Originally Posted by kwhite
    Quote Originally Posted by Ninnie
    MY Name is Ninnie and I am an addicted quilter!!

    :D :D
    Hi Ninnie!!
    Hi Ninnie, welcome to quilters anonymous. We are all addicts here and we don't want to be cured. Just throw some fabric our way and all will be well. :lol: :lol: :lol:

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadQuilter
    ...you will sew a gazillion scraps into a block but refuse to mend a hem or sew on a button.
    ...you need a room just for your hobby and guests have to stay in a hotel.
    ...you have more than one sewing machine and are surprised when others comment about that.
    ...you can spend a whole day taking out your fabric, petting and refolding it.
    ...you follow strangers in the mall because you love the pattern on their clothing.
    ...you approach those strangers and TELL them how their shirt/tie/skirt would be the PERFECT addition to your quilt.
    ...almost all conversations lead to quilting.
    you go green fairy, and lol, martina!!!
    I have started conversations with ppl, all glazed over and staring at their clothing, like it's the hope diamond! :oops: :D
    only one sewing machine? never heard o' such, lol.
    I have the biggest room in the house for my quilting, and there is a twin size bed, in this pc room, lol. Guess ppl know where my priorities are, lol!
    Our fabrics are not just cloth...oh no...they are family. I even have a guard-monkey, and guard-kitties in my cave.
    I have never woke up with a needle in my hand, but I have woke up with a great quilt idea, and went to sleep talking to ppl on board, about quilting. oh, just remembered a dream I had, got to go pm somebody! see - quilting on the brain, LOL!!!! :lol:

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    Love the list, so true.
    Im so bad that my master bedroom is my sewing room. I sleep in the small bedroom, who need room to sleep?

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    Aug 2008
    Lebanon, Missouri
    ...you use easter egg dye to make your spaghetti look like thread
    ...your idea of "gettin lucky" is finding a good sale on fat quarters
    ...when you look at food and find interesting quilting patterns in it
    ...when you hem a pair of pants that end up being shorts because "it's perfect for my next quilt"

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    Senior Member crashnquilt's Avatar
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    Aug 2008
    Lebanon, Missouri
    Yes, I will admit I am an addicted quilter because:

    I send my husband out on fishing trips so I can have ALONE time with my sewing machine.

    When he comes home with fish I grab tracing paper to trace the scale pattern for a quilting project.

    When I tell my husband we can't get a loan for a big screen TV because we're still paying off ONE of my sewing machines. (My 13inch tv still works!)

    When I tell my husband HE has to fix the car instead of taking it to a mechanic because this coming weekend is a quilt shop hop weekend!

    When I tell my daughter I need to fix her jeans and return them too her covered in colorful patches and embroidery. (Yep, I've done that!)

    When my husband bought me a bouquet of "FAT QUARTER FLOWERS" for our anniversary.

    When my husband plans a trip to BASS PRO SHOPS and gives me the car keys and credit card and says, "Have fun!" He knows he won't be disturbed for AT LEAST 4 hours!

    My idea of "lunch with the girls" consists of a balogna sandwich while shopping at the quilt shop.

    My idea of dinner and a movie is Kentucky Fried Chicken in front of the TV watching quilting/sewing videos.

    So, yes I am addicted to sewing/quilting. I look at it this way, I am a reformed alcoholic (sober 24 years) and I NEED something to spend the extra income on!

    If you think that ANY of the above is true, you would be mistaken....ALL OF THE ABOVE IS TRUE AND HAS BEEN DONE BY ME PERSONALLY!

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    Super Member mpspeedy's Avatar
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    rural Maryland

    We used to have a Legget's that turned into Belks in our community when I moved here 32 years ago. They had a fabric department in their basement. I still run across fabric I purchased there when I am looking through my stash. I have several quilts that I know have fabric from there.

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    east tenn.
    When you wake up in the morning after going to bed (not falling asleep in a chair ) with a quilting needle that you stuck in your nightgown the night before still stuck there. :roll:

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    Mar 2009
    Aledo, TX
    Quote Originally Posted by Ninnie
    So what if I throw DH's dinner together at the last moment because time got away from me, does that make me a bad wife?
    You still cook??? :shock:

    My DH has been "on his own" now for a couple of years. You need to train yours better!!!

    ps - my "excuse" was that I went on a diet and lost 50 lbs. I just couldn't eat the stuff he liked, and I couldn't resist the temptation to eat it if I cooked it. Hope this helps!

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    Apr 2009
    I bought a 4 bedroom house with a basement and 2 1/2 car garage, just so I would have room for all my hobbies and still have a guest room for my parents. BTW - I live alone with my dog. :D

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    Junior Member tweety's Avatar
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    Jun 2009
    I loved reading this. I really like the bouquet of "FAT QUARTER FLOWERS". That's LOVE! What a lucky woman you are.

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