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Thread: Need Helpful Tips with Hubby

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    Quote Originally Posted by nursie76
    Sometimes if you wait till the last day fo the quilt show, they don't want to take the demo machines back so they really cut the prices on the demo machines.
    If you're contemplating a Demo machine - be very cautious.

    I bought one that went back to the store after a major needlework show and it was a "Show Demo on Sale" specially priced $500.00 below regular price.

    Thought I was getting a good deal so I bought it. I've had it in the shop four times in the past 1-1/2 yrs. for the same problem.

    They do a quick fix but, (1st time it was a free repair - all the rest have been out of my pocket) a few weeks later, it's back to the same problem. They could never really tell my what was causing the problem - seemed the machine wouldn't maintain a certain adjustment.

    Finally got tired of paying (where's the savings now?) and used it to trade for another machine - took a beating on the trade-in price as well. :hunf: :hunf: :hunf: :hunf:

    As a Demo, you never know what abuse the machine(s) have gone through at a show.

    a) unsupervised use by patrons,
    b) unintentional misuse by those not knowing how the machine works,
    c) stress on parts by being operated/forced incorrectly.

    These are things to keep in mind. Also, as a Demo, what type of warranty are they (the shop owner) giving on the machine - over and above the manufacturers'?

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    Buy what you can afford now. May not be able to afford an expensive machine later.

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    Look at warranty and customer service of where your buying it from...do your homework...go in a compare the Janome 6600 against Bernina's and Viking and Phaff...you need to become knowledgable between them so that when you approach your husband you can be sure of the facts without hestation...he will follow your lead when he see's you have your information and facts in line.....I have had Janome's and Bernina's....for me the Bernina was the best of both worlds for what I wanted and got....but thats me....dear hubby followed my lead...now he buys them for me whenever he hears a new one is out....I now have 3 Bernina and have sold my last Janome.....you want to come over and sew...I have lots of room...heheh...blessings and good luck

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    Okay - update!! I've been taking all your advice to heart and had discussions with my hubby. He is a woodworker by trade and has VERY expensive tools. However, he makes a living with them (he owns his own company - doing architectural millwork). Having said that, he is not against my buying a machine - just our budget. How much we can afford, but he fully understands buying quility vs. cheap bandaid fix. Now, I've searched the internet - ebay, amazon, overstock, etc. and Craigs List. I decided to try Craigs List in WI (I live in MN) and I found a Janome 6500P about 100 miles away. The woman was selling a this machine because she could not figure out how to use it. She bought it when she retired because she wanted to take up quilting. She said that the machine is too complicated for her and she has not found anytime to do any quilting - poor dear. Anyway - it's still in the box and has all the attachments and she is selling it to me for 1/2 the price! I will pick it up on Saturday! Doing the happy dance!!!

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    Most dealers have good machines because women want a machine with more features. I would try that first, maybe they will throw in lessons if you deal with them.

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    When my DH rolls his eyes at my quilting stuff I tell him it's cheaper than a psychiatrist and better than hanging out at bars!! He never really complains since he knows I will always make sure the bills are paid before I spend anything serious but he's definitely a keeper and after 40 years I have him so well trained I'd hate to start over!!

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    I have the opportunity to purchase a Brother XR 7700 for 144.99 but do not know if I want this one or the Brother 6000i. Any ideas would love to hear from you about which one is bettr.

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