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Thread: Not so subtle hint - what would you do?

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    Senior Member Tashana's Avatar
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    Jul 2012
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    Not so subtle hint - what would you do?

    A friend dropped by yesterday and while we were talking she asked me how much would it cost to buy a king size quilt. I gave her a range of prices to my best knowledge. She asked if smaller quilts would be cheaper and decided that going to Target would be the closest to what she could afford. A few minutes later she tells me that she always wanted a quilted bag but they were too expensive and then she starts rattling off brand names and prices. I would love to make her a bag, but I know I cannot do a quilt right now because the timing cannot be more wrong, and besides I cannot quilt a king on my DSM. I know it is stupid to even ask, but if it were you would you be happy if I made you a nice bag instead of a quilt? Sometimes down the road I will make the quilt for her for sure because I will be taking LA classes at my LQS in order to use their machine. Thank you for your opinion. By the way I love hints because they save me the agony of figuring out birthday and holiday gifts.
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    If this is a good friend that you want to surprise, how about a little wall hanging, or table runner to start out. Maybe something for Halloween, if you have the time. Something little like that can be machine quilted.
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    Super Member May in Jersey's Avatar
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    I don't know about you but a king sized quilt as a gift is a very expensive gift in time, effort as well as money. On the other hand a quilted bag is a great gift and something I could handle, much less time, effort and money involved and you know it's something your friend said she love to have.

    I also like hints about what kind of gifts family and friends like. Used to give family members a Wish List for Christmas, asked sizes, colors, likes for books, DVD's., special item they were wishing for, etc. as well as asking them what they were doing for others this year. I have 8 granddaughters and saved myself a lot of gift returnting or wasted gifts over the years.

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    If you two exchange Christmas presents I think a bag would be a nice present
    If you don't, I'd make her a small wall hanging or table runner in colours you know she likes
    I agree with May in Jersey - if your friend doesn't quilt, she may have no idea what it takes to assemble a king top, let alone quilt it, make a binding, bind it.....

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    Super Member Neesie's Avatar
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    Mar 2012
    Texas, USA
    A quilted bag should be simple enough. A tote bag is one of the easiest things, you can make. If she meant a purse, that would involve a bit more but would still be doable. Sounds like she would be thrilled, to receive a quilted bag!

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    Super Member DogHouseMom's Avatar
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    She said she wanted a bag ... by all means make her a bag (providing you want to make her something at all and not just because she was dropping hints).

    I agree, I like it when someone who is accustomed to getting a regular gift from me (birthday, Christmas) hints at what they want - makes it so much easier. I do not however pay any heed to folks that see one of my quilts and say "oh, I'd love one of those", or "can you make me one?". Umm ... no.
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    Super Member HillCountryGal's Avatar
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    Jul 2012
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    I agree with DogHouseMom.
    If this is something you want to do/make/create, then by all means do it. A gift is just that, something that comes from the heart, not out of obligation.

    **Most nonquilters don't have a clue has to the time, energy and $$$ it takes to create a quilt. Know why I know? Used to be one of them.

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    Super Member QuiltnLady1's Avatar
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    If she is so inclined --- offer to help her make the quilt. Gives you some friend time and teaches her what goes into making a quilt. Did this with a good friend and she is quite the quilter now.

    When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

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    Super Member crafty pat's Avatar
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    Live Oak, Texas
    I think she would love the bag as she told you how much she likes them. I am making some for Christmas gifts this year.

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    Power Poster nativetexan's Avatar
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    a bag or a bed runner should do. she's hinting a lot, but we don't always get what we want. don't fret. just do what you can.

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