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Thread: Quilt Retreat Games

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    Jul 2007
    This is my first post so hope I did everything correctly.

    I am going to and helping with 2 quilt retreats (3 day each OH FUN FUN) and I am in need of some fun games that quilters might like to play in between completing (yeah sure) there UFO's.

    I would appreciate any help anyone might help me with.

    A quilting friend

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    Jan 2007
    NY, NY
    You can have:

    1. One of the nights have a pajama party - best pjs wins a prize
    2. An ugly fabric auction
    3. A fat quarter swap - each person brings fat quarters indivdually wrapped in paper. If you put in 3 wrapped fat quarters, you take that same number out.
    4. Make up a points game. For example, everyone in the room starts with 100 points then they add or subtract based on questions you make up(ie if you are wearing socks add 10 points, if you are wearing makeup minus 20 points). Be creative and far out with the questions. You do this game along with the pajama party.

    Hope these help.

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    Super Member zyxquilts's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    So. California
    We have played "Strip Poker" at my guild meeting - everyone starts with, say 10 strips, WOF, 3" wide. Each player antes up 1 strip, then you deal everyone ONE card, and high card wins all the strips! Depending on how long you want to play, you can also have people trade tables every so often. I had a lot of fun playing, and then made a miniature rail fence quilt with the strips I ended up with!



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    ButtercreamCakeArtist's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    West Virginia
    strip poker! HA! That is so funny!!! I may have to get into that! LOL!

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    Jul 2007
    Thanks to all of you for your helpful game suggestions. Will get with our team and know we will use them.

    Thanks a bunch you are appreciated.


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    Jul 2007
    I have a question about the #4 points game. Everyone starts with 100 points add or subtract points based on the questions.

    How does the prize work out, most points least number of point??

    Need some help here this sounds like fun.


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    Jan 2007
    NY, NY
    Depending on the number of prizes you have, you pick the same amount of people with the highest number. It can be alot of fun. For example:
    Everyone starts with 100 points for being there. Then start with questions like:

    If you are wearing gold earrings add 5 points
    If you are wearing socks substract 10 points
    If you have a condom in your bag plus 20 points
    If you have a library card add 30 points
    If you are wearing more than one ring substract 15 points
    If you were born in the year 19## add 25 points

    The questions are endless and can be a riot depending on the crowd.

    Have fun with it.

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    Jan 2007
    NY, NY
    Here's another game/quiz

    Copy and paste this to a word document (you may have to do some reformatting) and make copies.

    1. What do the following refer to Chain, Feather, Herringbone, and Outline
    a. Quilt making patterns
    b. Appliqué patterns in popular use from the 1840s - 1860s
    c. Stitches found on crazy quilts

    2. Foundation blocks are found in which group of patterns?
    a. Log Cabin, Pineapple, Press Piecing
    b. Dresden Plate, Sun Bonnet Sue, Rose of Sharon
    c. School House, Star of Bethlehem, Ocean Waves

    3. What form of quilting originates from Laos?
    a. Molos
    b. Pa nDau
    c. Trapunto
    d. Sashiko
    e. Palampores

    4. Who is the inventor of the sewing machine?
    a. Elias Howe
    b. Isaac Singer
    c. Richard Sears

    5. Which term does not belong?
    a. Garden Maze
    b. Lattice
    c. Binding
    d. Sashing

    6. Which of the following quilt patterns is not thought of as being in vogue in the 1930's?
    a. Drunkard's Path
    b. Grandmother's Flower Garden
    c. Double Wedding Ring
    d. Dresden Plate

    7. What is the International Quilt Association known for?
    a. Honoring a quilter every year who has made a difference in the quilting world.
    b. Sponsoring the World's Largest Quilt Show.
    c. Holding an annual conference in which over 250 classes and lectures are offered
    d. All of the above.

    8. What do the following have in common Echo, Stipple, Meander, Crosshatch:
    a. Quilt making techniques
    b. Quilting patterns
    c. Methods of joining patchwork

    9. Where might one find the Language of Flowers?
    a. Baltimore Album Quilts
    b. Crazy Quilts
    c. Appliqué Quilts
    d. All of the above

    10. What innovation in quilting was introduced at the Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia?
    a. The Crazy Quilt
    b. The first electric iron
    c. Rotary Cutters

    11. What do these things have in common: Hand of Friendship, Duck's Foot in the Mud, Bear's Paw?
    a. They are the names of square dance movements
    b. They are the titles of Victorian children's stories
    c. They are different names for the same patchwork pattern
    d. They were popular appliqué patterns during the late 1800's

    12. What are the following names: Turkey Red, Indigo Blue, Double Pink, Nile Green?
    a. Crayola crayon colors
    b. Watercolor paint colors
    c. Rainbow Brite's friends
    d. Fabric colors

    13. What characterizes a "summer spread"?
    a. Light colors
    b. No backing
    c. No batting
    d. Smaller than bed quilts, made to be used as picnic cloths

    14. What do the following have in common: Baby Block, Thousand Pyramids, Trip Around the World?
    a. Children's toys/games
    b. Patterns of Asian origin
    c. One-patch patchwork patterns

    15. Which quilt making technique has always been done by machine?
    a. Seminole patchwork
    b. Prairie points
    c. Miniature quilts

    16. What characteristics are associated with Folk Art Quilts?
    a. They are made by people who have had no artistic training.
    b. They are made for visual impact, not quilt making excellence
    c. They have a spontaneity about them, often containing whimsical elements
    d. They have crudely shaped design elements

    17. What do the following have in common Diamond in the Square, Bars, Center Square?
    a. Types of cookies
    b. Amish quilt patterns
    c. Square-dancing formations
    d. All of the above

    18. What do the following have in common Charm Quilts, Scrap Quilts, Postage Stamp Quilts?
    a. Popular quilt styles in the early 1900's
    b. Patterns were obtained through mail order sources
    c. Quilts used a wide variety of fabrics
    d. Quilts were tied as opposed to quilted

    19. Which of the following is created by a series of fabric folds to create an origami-type pattern?
    a. Attic Window
    b. Cathedral Window
    c. Doves in the Window

    20. What are the following Tapestry, Crewel, Upholstery, Quilting?
    a. Types of yarn
    b. Types of fabric
    c. Types of needles
    d. Types of scissors

    21. Which term does not belong?
    a. Border
    b. Prairie Point
    c. Piping
    d. Scallop

    22. What are the following Bodkin, Boot Spur, Emery Pouch?
    a. Articles of clothing
    b. Sewing tools
    c. Quilting Patterns

    23. Where is "Quilt City, USA"?
    a. Houston, TX
    b. Lowell, MA
    c. Kutztown, PA
    d. Paducah, KY

    Whoever gets the most right wins something.

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    ButtercreamCakeArtist's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    West Virginia
    We played a similar game to the one with points above...
    It all rhymed, and I read it out loud...
    give yourself 10 points for each button
    for each button that's blue, take away 2....
    I didn't save it on the computer, but I will try to find it again.
    Everyone thought it was fun. I was a bit skeptical at first....

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    ButtercreamCakeArtist's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    West Virginia
    I cannot believe how fast I found this! I did one search, and it came up first thing!

    YOu can always change things around a bit for a more "quilty" theme. THis was for a bridal shower.

    Peculiar Game

    This is a rather peculiar game
    It really does not have a name
    It's simple to play as a game should be
    You just do as you're told, you see
    So now if you'll please give me your attention
    We'll put an end to this suspension
    In the end, whoever scores the most
    Will receive a prize of which to boast
    Now since you're all fashionable girls
    Give yourself 5 if you have any pearls
    You may add 3 if your toes peek out
    And earrings will give you 2 more to shout
    Score yourself 5 if you show any red
    Add 6 more for a curl on your head
    Now before you think you are going to win
    Take away 2 for each safety pin
    Give yourself 6 if your pants are tight
    Add 1 for a scarf which is just about right
    Add 5 more if your shoes are black
    And take away 3 for a zipper in back
    Now count all your buttons, for each you get 2
    And take away 1 for each button that's blue
    Give yourself 5 if your heels are high
    And why not take 10 for the green in your eye
    10 more points for a rose on your clothes
    Take away 5 if you forgot to wear hose
    If your husband you kissed today - add 9
    If you didn't subtract 12 - you're subject to fine
    This is the end...there isn't anymore
    Who is the lucky lady with the highest score?

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