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Thread: Quilts you like from magazines? Organize?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nancyw View Post
    We have a photo copier at home. I photo copy the cover and table of contents. Highlight the quilts I want to make .Put the cover and table of contents in three ring document protectors and put the in large notebooks according to year and month.
    I like this idea, sure is easier than going thru each one looking for something you know you have somewhere. As age is setting in this seems to be a must do thing. Thanks for the idea

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    I have a computer recipe program called MasterCook that I make different "recipe" catagories for each kind of quilt that I keep - Patriotic, Childrens themes, applique, etc. as many as you wish. There is a box for a picture that you can see next to the title of each recipe in each cookbook. I use this as a visual reference and will include the instructions in the recipe or a reference as to it's title, magazine, publication date, and location where I stored it on my computer. If there is a separate pattern sheet I scan it making sure I have drawn a box noting the scale (1"x1" or 2"x2") so that I can print it out correctly when I need it and store that in a separate folder on my computer with a notation on the "recipe". You could easily do just the picture reference and a scan of the pattern/article saved as a PDF somewhere else on the computer. Then I pass the magazine on to someone else or sell them at a yard sale. I don't tend to remember the titles or names of quilts I have admired but I love having the pictures to refresh my memory. Ann in TN
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    Quote Originally Posted by LivelyLady View Post
    I love magazines, too. After I've looked at them a trillion times, I pull out the pattern and instructions and put them in page protectors in binders. I have seperate binders for different quilts like applique, etc.
    This is exactly what I do, as well, although one binder may have more than one type, separated by subject dividers.

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    I have three loose leaf binders that are full of patterns torn from magazines and tucked into plastic page protectors along with lessons and quilt motifs. All are categorized by general themes like table runners, baby, wall hanging, seasonal. Even though a pattern may be in one category doesn't mean it can't cross over into becoming something completely different.

    I keep patterns mostly for inspiration and have rarely made a quilt exactly to a pattern. They are just starting points.
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    I have so many magazine, that I have been scanning them onto my computer and downloading them onto a disc. I mark the name of the magazine and dates directly on the disc. Has helped me make room for fabric and more projects. Took a long time, but worked on it a bit at a time.

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    DITTO to all of the above. I also fold the pages I really like so there's a "flag" out the top of the magazine.

    Take bottom right corner of the right hand side page and fold it to the left so that there is a triangle poking up out of the top of the magazine. Crease the page and continue looking at your magazine. All of my magazine have triangles poking out of the top of them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by QuiltnMyra View Post
    Hello Mimmy, I love my magazines and mostly keep them. But I also photocopy anything that catches my eye, mark where it came from for easy reference later and file the copies in a manilla folder. Works for me.
    At our quilting group today, one of the women brought in some of her photocopies and so her method is like yours. I keep my photocopies in the clear report folders with the spine that slides up the side. That way I can see a photo of the quilt with the instructions behind. But now I have so many that I need to think of a way to organize all my folders.

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    oops - sorry, as I just reread what you said I think I saw the answers! Been trying to research reviews of these scanners since you posted!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SavedByGrace View Post
    I've wondered that, myself. Seems like there'd be a better way rather than keeping the entire magazines.
    Love your doggie! I keep all my magazines in the magazine holders I buy at an office supply store. I know one of these days I will have to get rid of some, usually if they are 10 years old I look thru them one more time and tear out anything I want to keep. But at 10 years if I haven't done it, I probably never will.
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    I keep all my magazines in a book case...The patterns I really like or think I might want to try I make a photo copy and put it in a clear plastic sheet protector and put it in a binder I have labeled might want to try...

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