All of you have expressed how I feel as well. My quilting journey has taken many turns. Things I loved to do 5 years ago are of little interest to me today, and I know that what I am doing today will be of little interest five years from now. By then I will be on to something else.

One thing I have learned -- Enjoy the process. It is not how quickly I finish something, it is whether I enjoyed the process of making it.

I have not been a member on the Quilting Board for very long, but my bucket list has grown and grown. Any question that I posed has been answered, and I value the opinions, even if they differ.

Quilting is an evolution. My mom quilted for years and has some pretty rigid beliefs about what real quilts are, but as I show her my creations even she is seeing them as quilts. She is quite aged now, but she still enjoys binding all my quilts for me. I get them all ready and actually baste the binding over for her, get all the needles threaded and on a sheet of paper and then I take them to her. She is always overjoyed, but I am not sure how much longer she will be able to. Proof that when quilting is in your blood, it is in your blood.