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Thread: Saucy Spiral Table Runner Video for Cutting Wedges

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    Saucy Spiral Table Runner Video for Cutting Wedges

    There are a lot of separate discussions on this table runner on this board. Since they're fairly old, I thought I would start a new discussion.

    It seems that the most confusing part is about how to cut the wedges. I definitely agree there. It has been explained really well by members in some of the other posts. Someone asked for a video. One is posted below, but I think it could have gone into a little more detail, because I still had problems figuring out what to do after watching it - more than once. I worked on this with 2 others & it was very confusing for all of us. I know, we all thought we were stupid.


    They tell you to scroll down to almost the bottom & there's a video on how to bind using a special binding ruler that is for projects that have corners other than 90 degree. Except, they don't show you how to use it for the 60 degree corner that is required for this runner. We finally figured out how to do it, but when I make another one, I'm going to layer the batting, backing & top & sewing around & leaving an opening to turn it right side out like others have done. I did like the fact that we used different colors of binding for each side.

    I ordered the pattern, ruler & special binding tool, & I had enough invested that I was going to make this one way or another.

    There are a lot of people who had success & posted some really pretty pics. I'm going to try & post mine.

    Anyway, I sure hope this helps. It's fun sewing & seeing the pattern evolve.
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    This table runner is very pretty! I am signed up for a day long workshop to make one. It is in a couple weeks. I am looking forward to it!

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    I have tried to make one, I have the pattern. The pattern instructions are lousy lousy lousy. I wouldn't tell anyone to buy it. I found this semi tutorial but it's not good either. http://www.sewwequilt.com/2011/12/co...-mary-and.html I will have to look for a class to get this made.
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    Thank you. Didn't mean to make the pic so big. I've never posted a pic before.

    I made some notes after making this that would make it easier to understand when/if I make another one. I don't know if I can post them here, but I'd be happy to send them to you in an email.

    The hardest part is cutting the wedges. Each wedge is cut 3/4" shorter than the last. Layer 2 strip sets tog. as per the instructions. Cut wedges from that strip set until you can't cut anymore . Very carefully, set that strip set aside. Try to keep it all matched up. Take your second strip set & cut as many wedges as you can. Now you'll be cutting the rest of the wedges from what's left of those 2 strip sets. You can see wedges & that's what you cut the remaining strips from. These wedges are also referred to as the "3rd column" in the instructions. It's important that you line all those strips back up. Cut the remaining wedges from the wedge shapes left. You will be able to get them all cut. Then start sewing. That's where the fun begins.

    Another thing to mention is to make sure you sew all the wedges together in the same way. I made mine with 2 others & helped one sew her strips together because she got here late. When we were done & put the halves together, it was a bib shape & not a spiral. We laughed so hard we cried. But then reverse sewing took place on half of it - with little stitches - yeah, you don't want to do that.

    You can sew with the smallest wedge on top of the next larger wedge, or you can sew a larger wedge on top of a smaller size - but always do the same thing.

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    Thank you so much for your notes. It is always nice when we can learn from each other!

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    I purchased the ruler and a pattern, not an easy pattern to follow, never got it made, this video is not much help either.
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    I didn't think the video helped much either. But if you watch that AND read the printed instructions again, it makes more sense. If you follow my notes above, you should be able to do it. You cut wedges from 1 starta, then the 2nd, then you turn what's left around & cut the remaining wedges from that. When you get it done, you'll be saying - that wasn't so bad after all.

    I sent an email to the company where I ordered the pattern & asked them to forward my email to her. In it, I specifically noted the areas where I thought she needed to expand on her instructions & she definitely needed to include more photos. It really is just the cutting part that's confusing.

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    You can lay it out on batting and quilt as you go. Much easier to do.

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    The wedges are no problem but where do I find the size of the original strips to make the strata? My pattern was useless and none of the videos give all instructions.
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    The stratas are made from fabric that is cut in half, so each strata's width is approx 20 - 22".

    I think what makes cutting the wedges so confusing is the ruler at the shortest end doesn't start at zero & it tells you to cut wedges so many inches long.

    Sooooo, I put the wedge ruler's smallest end at one end of the strata. I cut the longest wedge. Make sure the horizontal marks on the ruler are lining up with the horizontal seam lines on the fabric. You're NOT cutting wedges on a diagonal. You cut every wedge after that 3/4" shorter. I used a small square ruler (it could be any size) that I put a piece of glow line tape at the 3/4" mark. After I cut the first wedge, I moved that ruler over where I would be cutting the next wedge & aligned the glow line tape 3/4" up from the first cut. I butt the end of the ruler against this little ruler. Keep doing this until all your wedges are cut. The last wedge you cut will be 3/4".

    Another confusing area is how to cut from your stratas. Cut all the wedges (in one direction) that you can from 1 strata. Set it aside. Start cutting on the next strata with the size you need. This is where you will have to measure the last wedge cut & cut the first wedge 3/4" shorter. Keep cutting until you can't cut anymore. b

    Next you will cut the remaining wedges from the opposite end. Cut from the wedge shapes of fabric left, until you cut your last one which is 3/4".

    It's easy after that. Sewing the wedges together goes very fast. I think it helps to lay out a few of the wedges making sure you sew them tog. in the right order.

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