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Thread: Sergers........Tell me about them

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    Super Member clsurz's Avatar
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    Sergers........Tell me about them

    I was never one to be intrigued by those machines until recently. I find myself being drawn to them more since seeing a show that was on PBS ad being used. What fasicnated me is one of the gals had one where she pulled all her threads together and with a push of a button it all threaded and pulled it through unlike what the other lady had where she threaded them one had a time and it seemed like it was a chore to do so.

    As I recall the one that impressed me was the BabyLok Evolution. Can't remember what the other gal was using.

    Guess what I want to know is do these run using a foot pedal or do they have some with a start/stop button. That woud be my main need is a start/stop button.

    One of them also does all her quilting using a serger so my next quesion is how do they do so without using the cutting blade that trims fabric when they use a serger if they are using it for quilting.

    I've also heard said some folks actually sew clothes on sergers but yet the only thing I've ever seen demonstrated is the straight feed and it stitching the edge of fabric while cutting the excess off.
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    I have the Babylock Evolve and got it because it threads with a swoosh. I don't use it as much as I should. Mainly if I make the gk's jammies I always serge the seams and any dresses or clothing I always use it but never have used it for my quilting. It is operated by foot pedal. You can raise the cutting blade out of the way so it won't cut.

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    I HAD to have one a few years ago. I found a used Singer Serger on Craigslist and I was gifted it for my birthday. I used it alot right after I got it because I made everyone in the free world pajama sets for Christmas that year! It is a bear to thread and it just drives me crazy! I have used it a couple times in the past 2 years but only when I sewed a fleece vest and some pajama bottons. About 8 months ago, I broke one of the needles while I was using it. It is now sitting on a shelf under my sewing table, still with the broken needle and now it is unthreaded because my quilt helper Lily pulled on the threads. I'll probably put it up on CL. I just don't use it enough.

    I did see an episode of Sue Hausmann's America Sews where a guest made a serged quilt. I guess I wasn't inspired enough to drag mine out and try it!!
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    I'm a don't-know-a-thing-about-serger person ... so here for observation and education!
    Sew many ideas ... just sew little time!!

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    I sold my serger this year. It was a bear to thread, took a class and it was still a bear to thread. I hadn't used it for a couple of years and of course, couldn't remember how to thread it so I sold it. I think they have their place and Eleanor Burns had a series where she pieced with hers. I don't sew clothes anymore so I still can't remember why I bought it. Because I could I guess.

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    My Babylock threads the threads indididually, but automatically. It works with a foot pedal and I made a baby's christening dress with lace, tucks, the whole 9 yards on it. There are more expensive machines than mine and they might have a start/stop button. You need to email the serger companies with your questions or go to the dealerships and have demonstrations. I wouldn't be without mine for regular sewing, mending, alterations (shortening jeans, etc.) Everything that I can do on a regular sewing machine I can do a little bit easier on the serger except intercepting curves. The next quilt that has blocks I am going to do on the serger.
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    The BabyLoc is the cadilac in threading from what I hear. Any serger in good repair can work, some with more and some with less elbow grease involved on the operator's part. I sat in on a class recently where a quilt as you go sandwich was made. I wore my Singer U234D out several years ago after many hours of overuse. LOL I am trying to save enough to purchase a new machine, probably a Bernina.

    The strips to be quilted were layered so that they opened out after being serged with the serged seam inside.I am going to try to replicate the technique with my home sewing machine.'

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    Senior Member dixie_fried's Avatar
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    I absolutely love my serger. But, I was sewing clothes long before I quilted.
    I have a Viking 3/4 thread serger, not really fancy...I thread it myself. It's easy once you've done it a time or two, and if you can tie a skinny knot, it's possible to just feed the new thread thru if you want to change colors. I only have a foot pedal...have never seen one with the start/stop like sewing machines, but, I honestly have never looked for that feature so it may exist and I am just not aware of it.
    I couldn't sew knits without it. It makes such a nice finish on garments...helps make them look more professional, and makes a nice sturdy seam on kids clothes. Pretty much every piece of clothes I sew I serge the edges of each part unless the seam will be enclosed.
    Nancy Zieman has a "Serge and Merge" quilt--I will try to find the link to the video.
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    Senior Member QuiltingCrazie's Avatar
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    I sew used to sew tons of clothes, made alot of my last daughters. I still do some but I never used a serger. I would zig zag all my seams edges though...still do with clothes and they look professional. I could never afford one or I rather buy fabric. Just saying your sewing machine can do it to with an extra step!! lol or maybe I don't know what I'm missing!

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    Super Member sash's Avatar
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    I have a cheap White serger that I bought several years ago at Hancock Fabrics, and had a h--- of a time learning to thread it. It came with a cd and I would look and look at that until I finally got it. I do like to use to for finishing seams on certain articles. I've never oiled it or changed the cutter. Don't even know how to oil it. Guess I need to look in the manual re: that. Anyone know about oiling it?

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